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I just want to be cool part 2 and and some other crap

So. I've spend a good hour checking out this site and found many familar faces - including good ole Jeff Gertsman. I'm glad to see him back in the saddle where he belongs. The site is cool with a different freah feel. It still has some akwardness to it but I'm assuming it will grow on me.

I've chosen to go by the name Travman on here cause it's cooler and more relevant. After I get a few friends on here I'll start posting dual blogs on here and GS to see which gets through to more folks.

Until later, kepp your helmet strapped on but not too tight...


I just want to cool

Yeah, that's right. I just want to be cool. That's why i followed you all here. So far I've spend 10 minutes here and can't see what's the big deal. Perhaps in another 10 minutes I will see why.