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Doom is Back! 0

Another incredibly fun FPS. Fast and tense action. Enemies shed flesh now as you lower their health, environments are spectacular throughout, even breath taking towards later levels. The jump puzzles are fun and do well to break up the combat encounters. Extremely violent, I winced at some of the new glory kill animations. With that said, there is a speed-bump here.Upon playing for the first time, I found myself struggling as I was gravitating to how I played the previous Doom game, pretty much...

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The cruel side of Epigenetics 0

The Beast Inside I feel is another step-up in the AA-narrative-driven-horror game genre.The game starts with you playing as Adam during the day time which is the puzzle and exploration dominated half, where your heart can usually rest easy. There are interesting detective sequences where you use a scanner to piece together past events in the forest. Some puzzles however can be quite challenging even when the protagonist gives you clues when you're stuck.Every second chapter you play as Nicholas ...

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A creepy-good time! 0

Short and sweet 2.5D platformer with a creepy atmosphere and fun puzzles. The puzzles mainly consist of shifting your perspective of the game world to access areas and obtain items. Experimentation and exploration is part of the puzzle-solving aspect as the game does not give instructions or hints. Though, the puzzles are simple enough and can usually get brute-forced by just trying something different. There are a few areas with fail states but there is always a checkpoint right before that are...

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Mercenary Chef Simulator 2

At release the game was a step down from the sequel as you were essentially thrust into the role of a mercenary chef working for dozens of different restaurants. You own a restaurant as well, though, it does not have nearly as many progression hooks as the first game did. The variety of food upgrades in the first game have been replaced with an extensive range of unlockable decorations to customise your restaurant. Because of this the game got boring much sooner than I thought it would.After a ...

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Another interesting contained story of friendship 0

Not just fan service. Does not come off as a quick cash grab from the established fanbase of the first game. With that said it definitely feels like this game was made for that fanbase. The first episode presents the beginning of a contained story that is fun and interesting on its own. It showcases the beginning of Chloe and Rachels friendship. In fact, I kind of wish I played this first before I played the first game so I could have understood Chloe from the beginning.There is now an argument ...

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Consolified but still fun 0

Firstly, I completed HEROIC MODE of the original Hard Reset back in early 2014, and have 61 hours logged in for that game.I just completed the first level of this redux version on steam.I was very disappointed to see that the visuals are DEFINITELY worse. It has been made gamepad-friendly with infinite dash and sprint, which is actually great for M+KB controls as well, but I think the animations are less fluid, even the robot arms in the main menu have jagged movements, and the explosions are no...

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