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It seems that the best thing Kickstarter has done for us, as consumers, is in giving us a better understanding of the kinds of shit publishers have to go through and put up with; A few years back, it baffled me why publishers weren't all that willing to support Tim Schafer and DF or to buy the studio outright - to me they seemed like a game development gold mine! It all seems a lot clearer now. Remember Bobby Kotick's comments about Tim Schafer being unable to meet project milestones and stay within budget? It seems he was right about Schafer.

Despite my criticisms of the developer, I'm a huge fan of Schafer's and Double Fine's past works (I even enjoyed Brutal Legend to a certain extent), but this story and their past development woes with games like Brutal Legend and Psychonauts has brought to light some significant underlying issues with the way Schafer makes games; He really needs to learn how to keep the scope of his projects in check and budget them appropriately, or at least find someone else who can do a better job of it than he can, otherwise we could be seeing the end of Double Fine as a studio within a couple years. I really hope they sort that stuff out quickly because I've been really enjoying their smaller downloadable titles and really wish they would continue down that road rather than take risks on bigger games with bigger budgets.

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Too many Games!!

Hmm...Why didn't I get the quest?

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I don't think there's much point to weekly wrap up shows - it's just old news to most people at that point. It would be more efficient to just put up a post linking to or summarizing all the major stories of the week, in case someone missed anything. More podcasts are also probably a waste of time, especially a daily one - I'm struggling to keep up with regular Bombcasts as it is. (Don't the Bombcasts summarize the news anyways?)


If you guys are really keen on doing videos about the news, they should be reaction videos like I've seen on a couple Lemon Lens vids i.e. only about the more important/impactful stories, so that they don't fill up the daily video list.


I would also appreciate a news ticker or something that links to important non-gaming related news stories, just cuz I tend to miss out on that stuff because I spend all my time on GiantBomb. Though, I realize that may be asking a little too much.


Also, welcome to Giant Bomb Patrick!    

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This is SOOOOO fucking retarded!! By doing this, they aren't going to attract more customers than they would have if they hadn't done ANY pre-order bonuses! In fact they're turning people like me - completionists - away from the game! These shouldn't even be called "bonuses" cuz they're not, they're most likely going to be locked up on the disc. These types of schemes are designed to PUNISH people for not pre-ordering at every store possible, shouldn't they instead be REWARDING people for pre-ordering? Isn't that the whole point? Smaller companies like ATLUS understand this simple logic, so why don't these big companies? Ugh...
It really sucks, but in the end, its just going to make things easier for me and my wallet. I can say, with certainty, that I won't be buying this game - bravo Rockstar! Your marketing department should be rewarded with a bunch of fucking pink slips! Assholes!

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I don't know how this game will turn out and this delay doesn't really put my mind at ease. Hopefully the delay was just a business decision and doesn't actually have anything to do with the game's quality (or lack thereof). 
I'm really loving the game's visual style, very Blade Runner like - same goes for the music, which I LOVE! I will pick up the limited edition of this game just for the soundtrack, even if the game ends up sucking.

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Koalas aren't bears, they're marsupials. If you ever go to Australia and start referring to them as 'Koala bears', people will think you're an idiot. Also, Koalas are so slow and passive that your analogy here makes no sense....and what was the point of bringing up Koalas in an article about a Star Wars game? Weirdo.

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First person shooters suck! Is this where gaming is going now? Never not shooting games? F***in ridiculous. I swear if I don't start seeing some variety from devs by the start of next year, I'm out, done with games forever, publishers can suck my balls but they ain't getting my money! I hope the gaming industry burns to the ground!!