The Hidden Costs of Homeschool Tutors

One of the biggest concerns there is when it comes to homeschooling is the cost, which might include anything from the time that you have to spend on it to the money that you spend on supplies or things like home education tutors. There are some that never even think to get private teachers for homeschooling because it seems like it is such an insane expense that is only an option for the obnoxiously wealthy. Although some are outrageous, most will be worth the price that you pay and there are ways to reframe the cost for yourself. Here are some of the things that you might want to think about when considering homeschool tutors.


There are a lot of things that you take for granted when you are in a school setting because they have economies of scale. This is something that, ironically, I learned about in school, but is more about big business. The idea is that when you are doing something at scale, you save money in ways that people who are doing things individually can’t. In this situation, you might forget the fact that textbooks are annoyingly expensive and you are going to have to either rent or buy all of the books for homeschooling, usually with a new set of books every year. Maybe you can salvage some money in the resale market, but you are not going to get the hand-me-down book that your dad might have had at the same high school back when he was a student there.

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I would say that science is where the most costs come in. The microscope that you use in a school science class is really expensive, but that is just the beginning. The flasks and beakers are another cost, but even those are not the cost. Think about the dissections and chemicals that you use. These are kits that you need to buy and they are not cheap. Again, buying one instead of bulk is going to cost. When you think about it, homeschool is a bit like shopping at boutiques instead of Costco. You make some sacrifices with Costco, but you pay more for the specialized stuff.


As mentioned, just the idea of tutoring is something that is going to make you afraid of the cost. The good thing is that you can control things. Maybe you only get tutors some days. You need to do what is best for you and that might not be daily tutors.

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