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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I spent a good portion of this year going through my sizeable backlog and replaying old games (like Metal Gear--- thanks, Drew and Dan!). I also spent a few months sort of not playing video games and graduate school pretty much destroyed my free time in the latter stages of the year... Oh, and I started playing Dota 2, which didn't really leave much room for other stuff.

So, here's a list of probably-really-cool games that I wanted to play this year but either never had the time for or just never got around to playing:

South Park: The Stick of Truth, Wasteland 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien: Isolation, MGSV: Grounds Zeroes, Valiant Hearts, The Banner Saga, Broken Age: Part I, Divinity: Original Sin, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls II, Sniper Elite III, Jazzpunk, Halfway, Lords of the Fallen, The Legend of Grimrock II, The Talos Principle, Super Time Force, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Hack N Slash, CoD: Advanced Warfare, and Far Cry 4.

Given my taste for huge RPGs, there's a good chance that Wasteland 2, Dragon Age, and Divinity would be high on this list, probably all in the top 5, even. I mean, shit, depending on my mood when I played them, any of the above games could probably have supplanted everything on the list below, except my #1 and #2 picks.

I managed to log 10-12 hours on Destiny over the last few days: it's mechanically amazing and utterly soulless. I also think Hearthstone is really amazing, but only played 5-6 hours of it and never really got back to it for some reason, despite it having a very strong impression on me. I'm still vaguely curious to see how shitty Watch Dogs and AC: Unity actually are.

List items

  • Not released in 2014. Still wins. Doto OP. Volvo plz fix.

  • Justice in spades, baby.

    Barring the fact that I didn't play, well, anything from my most beloved genre of gigantic, time-sucking RPGs this year, Shovel Knight is probably the "real" number one on this list.

  • You always knew Luigi was a stone cold killah. This game only confirmed it.

  • This game didn't grab me like Bastion did, but the combat, art-style, and music really make this one stand out.

  • My first time playing this game involved a nearly-ten-minute struggle of epic proportions with some one who had been playing for weeks. It's deceptively simple and will have you pulling off insane moves and counter-moves within minutes. It's a master class in tight, minimalist game design.

  • I admit that I've fallen off on this game since the summer, after logging over 100 hours in the first few weeks and "regenerating" several times. Mostly it's because the PC servers are all but dead, especially on the DLC maps. It's a real shame, too, because I think Titanfall is the best multiplayer shooter out there, and the support for the game post-release has been solid, even if the game still sort of feels like a $30-$40 arena shooter that they are charging full retail price for.

  • Just say the title in an angry German accent. Do it.

  • This game is better than it has any right to be. The characters are likeable and the premise is well-realized. You can dual-wield automatic shotguns AND have a sense of your square-jawed meat puppet's inner-most feelings about the Nazis he is turning into paste. It's the complete package.

  • The nemesis system is the real deal. It's probably the most well-realized system of fluid, persistent AI in a game to date, but at thirty hours you start seeing the limits of that system. Plus, the ending was total garbage --- it is actually incompetently made and a total shock after the rest of the game. The impression I was left with, after the credits rolled, was not an overly positive one. Looking back, I think the game is much less interesting than most people give it credit for, but it does a lot of cool things that I enjoyed at the time.

  • Gruff, bearded man falls in love with pale, professional-type lady, deals with mood issues, solves murders. Sounds like my love life, more or less.