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Best of 2010

troidy: Best of 2010

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  • A great game from early in the year that I'm afraid many people have forgotten. Wonderful story and acting, and so many positive changes to the core gameplay compared to the first one make this worthy of the term sequel and an absolute must-play.

  • Okay this might be a bit of a biased choice since I would've bought this regardless, but I really think Blizzard has outdone themselves with this expansion. Redoing all the old zones with brand new quests keeps the game fresh, and keeping the endgame content difficulty keeps me engage. Blizzard will continue to get my money for the foreseeable future.

  • An excellent sequel to a great game. What I had expected to be a throwaway cash-in turned out to be one of the best games of the year with another great single player mode and the introduction of a creative new multiplayer mode.

  • A wonderful if short single player campaign simply serves as a footnote here in the best multiplayer release of the year. GLHB.

  • Probably Rockstar's best game to date. They were able to take all the things that made their past open world games great and seamlessly integrate it into a western setting to excellent effect.

  • Sure it was sort of buggy on release, but I still invested a ton of time in this game doing tons of stuff not even related to the main story, and enjoying every single minute of it. (Except when it crashed)

  • Absolutely great old-fashioned platformer that shows that these games can still exist and be at least somewhat successful in the downloadable game space.