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Darksiders II Manages to Overcome its own Demons 0

Put quite simply, Darksiders II is a fantastic game. But no game can claim to be perfect, and Darksiders II proves this quite handily. Between weird pacing issues and terrible console optimization on what most people would consider to be the game’s primary platform, the game has its issues. These flaws take an excellent game and somewhat chip away at the finish, but these small blemishes are not anywhere near enough to make it aggravating or unplayable. Vigil manages to create a cohesive experie...

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Simplification can be Beneficial 1

Simulators are great ways to have experiences that you will probably never be able to have in your day-to-day life, and creating those experiences is where they really shine. I could go on all day about how much I love highly detailed cockpits that make you go through endless checklists to take off and land, and realistic flying mechanics that put you into a stall at the slightest movement of a stick, but at the core of every flight simulator is the idea that flying is fun. Whenever you talk to ...

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