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my favorite games of all time

in no particular order all the games on this list are in the #1 slot

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  • I absolutely love this game, I think its the best of any POP game.

    the world is rich and very colorful, its a treat to see this world.

    the story and voice acting is fantastic. I could not stop pushing the talk to elika button. I really want to know more about really everything and what happens next.

    Also fuck you ubisoft for going back to the original prince instead continuing this one.

  • The whole series is basically the spiritual successor to shenmue.

    The stories are great, fighting is fun and hostess bars reminded me of thousand arms.

  • speaking of thousand arms I really loved it.

    its an rpg where you play a spirit blacksmith in which you become a better blacksmith by dating and winning the hearts of numerous lovely ladies that are in your party. Atlus's first fore into social linking you could say. also at the time the anime cutscenes were amazing.

  • aww my first SRPG. I've played this game a dozen times and the things you could do with the classes was amazing.

    like having a teleporting archer because he was time mage for a little while. FF tactics has sent me down a SRPG k-hole I've yet to recover from.

  • My love of FF tactics lead me to the disgaea series, basically it's like FF tactics on crack.

    I would say that cured memories is my favorite game out of the 3 main games. disgaea is full of wacky funny characters that I think everyone should play it.

  • best music game ever made

    I have over 200 DLC songs

  • beautiful art, wonderful story, great gameplay

    I laughed, I cried, this is the best game on the ps3 bar none

  • a marital arts giant robot rpg and as I recall this game was pretty damn dark too.

    I loved the comboish fighting system in it. the story was amazing, you pretty much die and see god and god gives you his personal giant robot to use for the rest of the game.

  • I would say greatest game you not only have never heard of but you never would think about. its a survival horror game minus the horror. instead of zombies you have a whole city messing with you. by a whole city I mean the building, the ground everything is out to get you. If you have not played a disaster report or the badass sequel "raw danger" you are wasting your life.

  • spread F-ing needle

  • It's very hard but amazingly rewarding probably the most rewarding gaming experience I've ever had.

  • I've beaten dragon age twice totally over 80 hours. I'm currently playing through 3rd time and still finding new stuff.

    It's one of the best RPGs around and I can't wait for "awakening". Personally I'd 100 bucks for the next bioware anything.