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A lost gem 2

Raw danger is the sequel to disaster report. The game about surviving natural disasters. In the last game the natural disaster was dozens of earthquakes and you had to make sure to keep hydrated. In raw danger your running from a massive flood and you'll have to stay warm. To those that didn't play disaster report...all of you, There is no heath meter just a warmth meter. If you get to cold or wet you die of hypothermia. Also unlike the last game you play as 6 different people instead of just on...

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American Yakuza 0

 Beatdown is no question a poorly designed game, but I still play it to this day. There is so much character customizing in it, you can recruit tons of really different people into your army, you can mug people, beat info out of people, murder people in this kinda open world city. It's open world in the yakuza sense. Now that i think about it the similarities are kind of shocking. Beatdown is really nothing more than bad American yakuza.  When I say "bad" that's what a normal person would think ...

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best fighting game of the year 0

I love tekken the best of any fighting game and tekken 6 is no different.   The Graphics The graphics are great all the characters look very good and are highly detailed. All besides Paul, his face looks really off to me at least. Some people say the graphics look better with motion blur off, but I say the game looks great either way. A few of the characters have 3rd costumes that were made by famous manga/anime artists. My favorite is easily jin's third costume that was designed by the folks at...

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Best guitar hero since the first one 3

First I'm not going to go into the gameplay much because its a guitar hero game you know how it works.   The graphics in this game are the best of any rhythm game to date. it really has a matured and realistic look to it now, compared to a more cartoonish look of the past titles. The camera on the band members is very atmospheric, the way it captures each members movements for their instruments and style. The way the camera shoots the stage, crowd and venue in whole makes it much more like a li...

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