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GOTY 2018

flame on.

non 2018: rabi-ribi astonishingly good. tokyo xanadu ex+ a worse, direct action version of cold steel. god of war ascension merely surprisingly good. yakuza kiwami fairly boring. valkyria revolution extremely bad. la mulana ex v. good.

2018: chasm had good loot and good magic. mothergunship I wish was much more than tower of guns, but it wasn't. vc4 has merit but it's no vc2. darksiders 3 still doesn't deliver on the ds1 ending and its dark souls isn't as good as 1's zelda/2's openworld+loot. nnk2 v. boring. dead cells abysmal (aggressive scaling/weapon balance+flat unlock structure). dq11 mostly boring. som 2018 is an amazing remake to a kind of bad game (6+ takes of "The king is waiting for you in the throne room").

2019: utawarerumono T_T. 13 sentinels a. sekiro could be good maybe.

List items

  • well made third person action rpg with cosmetics. talent perks are a good new thing and the stuff they stuck on gems is dumb and great.

  • good series run.

  • speed as frequency. caster nukes encouraged. cosmetic armor.

    long, lots of side content. framework mechanically powerful if a bit inconsistent/clownshoes.

  • budget/buggy/sluggish/speed as priority rather than frequency/extremely small party size, but fun.

    enough good characters, but a frustrating amount of good npcs.

  • new maps would've presumably had less of an impact if I'd played 6 first, but weird series run.

    0 was really good.

  • good and fun but slaughtered by expectations.

    for as good as pogoing is the double jump feels terrible.

  • well made third person action rpg with cosmetics, but slowness got grating after a while.

  • cool, fun, short.

  • the most held together by string and music is eh, but lots of characters and a few of them are p. fun to play.

  • order of ecclesia was a good game.

    charitably assuming some of those story implications were not intentional.