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GOTY 2020

cs3 ending was such a downer.

something of a down year; come on big finish.

wish I'd gotten to's:

crosscode - about half through? could've placed high or taken a specific wrong turn, but probably the former.

sakuna/disaster report 4/la mulana 2/langrisser remakes/yakuza 7/curse of the moon 2/etc. - no time to even start.

cs4 ended well at least.

List items

  • muramasa may edge it out but only because of how fucked those trophies got.

    some characters are expectedly great, many are surprisingly great and a couple are definitely present. that after school snacking scene was ok I guess.

    also the battle system is neat and presented well.

  • a quite good cs2 to cs3's cs1 by the end, but cs1 was much better than 3.

    wanted a new mechanic or twist or something. only a handful of new master quartz and they weren't that interesting. rank 4 quartz's might've been new? those were ok.

    clara only came up twice and they couldn't spend the effort on a new model, but there was a fair bit of duvalie and mint. also beryl.


  • character creator was important.

    feels a bit less thorough than 1 was at launch. also seems p. safe in terms of scaling, but eh.

    going full coop made this hard to compare otherwise to 1, but definitely worth.

  • that kind of year.

    mostly: the thing about product x is that product x has ramza in it.

  • great in b/w.

    they give you the freedom to play as samurai or ninja as much as you want but kinda sucks that the story goes forced ninja at points.

  • disappoint no red/other, but they did a lot to differentiate each character and make them fun to play as.

  • it's crazy how much difference class choice makes.

    great art, great music in spots.

  • one mechanic used maybe a bit more than it needed to be but never not pretty to look at.

  • either there was no money to spend or it was spent on not the game.

    a few good systems choices and an astonishingly decent ng+.

  • turns out the thps I actually loved was 3 (and 4).