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How about a Telltale Superman game? That way you don't have to make it too big or flashy but you cut down to Superman's true weakness: He can't save everybody.

Even though Superman can't fix all the worlds problems, a story focusing on him persevering in the face of that very literally inability to be in multiple places at once and finding an optimistic perspective sounds like just about the only interesting take on both a Superman game and a Telltale game I can think of today,

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As much as I do miss the Saints Row The Third v Skyrim style deathmatch arguments, you can't really hold it against the staff that nothing has grabbed them enough to really go to bat for in that way.

I don't even think they've mellowed especially and that when a game comes out that somebody really truly falls for in that way, that we'll see a huge debate brew up again. The games in this years top ten were all great and all consistent but nobody seemed to have that single serving passion that fueled those old arguments to make game X the NUMBER ONE MOTHERFUCKING GAME OF THE YEAR! Like the closest was Brad skirting around Doom and even he was pretty hard on the Hitman bandwagon before the conversation even began.

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Oh don't get me wrong, most of these types of movies are just exploitative nonsense fun. But I think if nothing else I sort of always probe for messages on the off chance that there is a statement.

And honestly I generally don't go around trying to convince people of these perspectives when I do have them. As someone who has tried his hand at writing, I kinda instinctively assume there are layers. Just because you don't like my take on layers, or even agree that they're there beyond "Yo, that guy got fucked up!", doesn't mean you can't enjoy something.

Everyone watches movies their own way. That's just my own internal jam.

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I think I kinda hated it. Considering how cool I was on Episode VII last year, Rogue One retroactively made me realize that it was actually pretty good.

Like considering how the *whole point* of A New Hope was that the everybody thinks that the Force mythology is kind of a joke and is proven, everybody seems to take the Force super seriously in this movie set all of five minutes before Episode IV. I probably would have quite liked Donnie Yen's character if he didn't literally manhandle a mention of the Force into every single line of dialogue.

Forrest Whitaker is fucking terrible in this movie and most scenes that involves two characters talking felt like they were shot and edited *really* awkwardly.

The action was all competently handled but because I didn't care about anyone in this movie, none of it landed with any weight whatsoever.

That fucking final Vader scene utterly undermined everything threatening about the character from the original trilogy and felt more like Kylo Ren than cool and collected Darth fucking Vader.

On the plus side, I did like the Droid for the most part and there were some absolutely gorgeous shots. I thought the planet of the final battle was a pretty inspired design choice. And that opening scene was pretty great. But, pretty much everything else about the movie turned me off so hard.

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@rejizzle said:

If we're including Die Hard in this discussion, then you have to give me Eyes Wide Shut. It's THE MOST Christmasy of Christmas movies

Valid point well made. I grant you Eyes Wide Shut. It is hella Christmassy.

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@bojackhorseman: Re Martyrs:

I've not seen the American remake (because when do those ones ever work?) but I found Martyrs to use its *EXTENSIVE* sequences of gratuitous torture to make a fairly interesting point. I think the narrative is worth all the fucked-up-ness.

...that said, I'm the one guy on the planet who believes that Hostel: Part II 'has something to say, man!' so maybe take my opinions on torture porn with an ocean of salt.

But in regards to movies like Salo, I'd suggest looking up the clip where John Waters talks about how he thinks Salo is beautiful. He's one of the most softly spoken and kindhearted humans in history...he just also happens to harbour a deep appreciation for what most people think of as 'bad taste'. I entirely get that those sorts of films aren't for everyone but I would never judge anyone for enjoying it and indulging their curiosities (or, possibly desires) in a setting as controlled as watching a motion picture.

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To this day I lament that whoever was updating Dan Ryckert Just Said... didn't keep it up, because goddamn if that shit wasn't pretty fucking glorious..

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I'm tempted to unironically say Die Hard.

Obviously I don't mean underappreciated by the internet because, come on.

Off the internet though? Most people I've met refuse to even acknowledge it as a Christmas movie. And those people are monsters.

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@gloomyjack I have an article in a magazine I saved somewhere that compares the narrative lunacy of Metal Gear Solid 2 to James Joyce's Orpheus. Given your thesis topic, it sounds like mandated reading.

I've just done a quick google search and can't find it but if you're interested, let me know and I'll see if I can dig out the magazine and get some HQ photo's or even just transcribe the thing for you.

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@girthantoklops: According to my go-to dictionary, 'brutally' is totally a word. Although in all fairness, I did have to check.

I totally understand the final choice. I think that's why it's such a gut-punch, because as much as my response was "Aww really, Joel?!" it works and makes sense.

It's more the torture sequences that had an effect on me and kinda made me re-evaluate his fighting style throughout the whole game. My immediate response whilst playing was very much a 'kill or be killed' attitude but every time I've played since, I can't help but feel that Joel goes all out in a really disturbing way that no other characters seem to embrace in their combat. Which, again, makes sense for his character. I mean, he's kind of an old man and he's desensitised as fuck to it all. He knows exactly how much of a scumbag he is (I think he even alludes to it a few times).