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Achievements and Me: Babies First S Rank

I never used to be terribly interested in Achievements. My friends were into them and occasionally played games in order to get the achievements, not to have fun. The obvious games that showed this were Avatar, Terminator, and other miscellaneous children's games of children's movies. I believe this is what originally put me off of the idea as well as my involvement in another forum community that generally looked down upon achievements in games. 
Recently, this has begun to change. I blame it on joining Giantbomb and how achievements are often discussed and linked to one's profile. I have begun to chase after achievements in games after I would usually have put it down and it has added some needed replayability to what would otherwise resemble someone suffering from ADD's playing habits. And so, tonight I have achieved my first S Rank. 
Bull: Scholarship Edition. I saw it on the Xbox marketplace for 360 games and, since I had a Visa giftcard, as well as having originally played it on the PS2 without finishing it, I decided to shell out the $20 for it and have a good time. It was not as good as I remembered but it was still fun enough for me to play through it to get all of the achievements, one of which was to get 100% in the game. That particular achievement was the most painful due to the Errand glitch (errands, which add towards the 100% can stop showing up and the console needs to be reset a couple of time until they start showing up again, only for a couple of them though and the loop restarts) as well as one of the jobs I completed not adding it's percentage to the total and I had to redo that job. The final time count came out to 20-25 hours in my estimation. 
What was your first S Rank?