Favorite Games of All Time

This is a list of the games that I feel are the best of all time. You may not like these games and you may think that some others should be on here...but this isn't your list. It's my list, and these are my favorite games of all time.

List items

  • I waited for this game for a whole year before it came out, and when it did, I was not disappointed. I bought it for the PS3 and beat it, then sold it on Ebay to buy it for the 360 to get achievements. Since then, I have almost unlocked all achievements, played and beaten all expansions, and picked it up for the PC as well. I love this freakin' game.

  • My favorite game...ever. It's that simple. There is just something about this game and it hit on everything I love about video games. It had RPG, FPS, character growth, stats, conversation trees. It was amazing! Can't wait for part 2 and my prediction is that part 2 will be on here as well.

  • I'm sure this is in a lot of people's lists...but it's definitely in mine. I remember playing this game in middle school with print outs of gamefaqs.com on my lap. When Aeris died, I shed a tear and continued on my path to whipe that asshole Sephiroth off the face of the earth. He was cool up until that Aeris scene...ok, he's still cool.

  • KOTOR is one of those games that started my obsession with video games. BioWare always crafts awesome stories and excellent gameplay to present a game worth of anyones top games of all time list.

  • I wasn't a huge fan of the first game, but I think that's because I was expecting it to be like the second. Peter M. really oversold the first, and while he did oversell the second, what he actually sold was amazing, so we'll let that slide. The DLC wasn't very good, but the core game was absolutely amazing. It makes my list.

  • I spent countless hours on Xbox Live on the original Xbox playing this game. I was a newbie to online multiplayer back then, and even though it was a fragment of it's future self, I love every minute of it.

  • The ambiance, creatures, lack of normal weapons, and zero gravity all came together to delivery one hell of a thrill ride in Dead Space. I loved it the first time I played it and I love it even more the second time I went through a year later. A classic if there ever was one.

  • No other game has taken up as much of my time as World of Warcraft has. I may not have multiple level 80's, but I do have a bajillion level 30 characters. I don't play it anymore, but I'll probably dabble in it again in the future.

  • I would say that this Final Fantasy is when the series truly jumped into next gen. Not only did the graphics improve, but the storytelling and overall immersion factor did 10 fold. I actually felt like I was in the world and that is an amazing feat. Hopefully the latest one can do the same.

  • I have never played a sports game as much as I played this one. For that simple reason, it gets on my list.

  • It's a no brainer that this would make my list. After how much I loved the first, the only place my obsession could go would be up.

  • After playing it the first time, I dove right back in. This game deserves a spot in my favorite games of all time. Can't get enough of it.

  • The story was amazing and really left me both sad and excited at the same time.

  • It was hard to pick between Bioshock 1 and Infinite but in the end, the intro to a series universe is always going to win me over more than any future games (usually.)