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Walking Dead? No, Just Dead... 0

There really isn't any reason why this game should exist from a gaming standpoint. No company in their right mind would release a product that is so broken and just bad unless they had one thing in mind - a cash grab. That's all this game is. It's sole purpose is to trick people who don't follow game reviews into buying this strictly based on the name. The poor sucker will take one look, think to themselves "Hey, Walking Dead! I love that show!" and decide to buy it because it's from the c...

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Bastion combines action, RPG, and a great artstyle to make magic 0

Bastion cover artBastion is an action RPG that is currently part of the summer of arcade for Xbox 360's online arcade (XBLA). The game takes place on a mysterious planet/plane of existence/place that recently went through something called "The Calamity." As the initial sole survivor, you story is told through a narrator who almost seems to know what you are going to do before you do it. More on this later. The game plays like a standard action RPG where you get weapons, upgrades, and kill enemie...

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First impressions - Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime 0

         Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is a downloadable title that just recently hit the consoles and PC market.  You may not have heard much about it since the marketing of the game seems to have been a bit on the low, but I got wind of it and couldn't resist picking up a title based off of a childhood favorite.  Does this downloadable title offer enough game for the $10 price tag or is it destined to be forgotten in the cesspool that is Slimers stomach?  Read on to find out.  The game begin...

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Crysis 2 - First Impressions 0

First Impressions - Crysis 2  If you haven't heard of the name Crysis before, don't feel bad, a lot of people haven't. Crysis was a game that was released a few years back to the die hard PC gaming community. Why die hard? Because the machine you needed to play it at anything other than a lower quality had to be a hind end machine. As a result, not a lot of people outside of the PC community got their hands on the game. It's a shame really because the game was a technical feat, even at today'...

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Rift - First Impressions 0

  Rift Box Art  As some of you may know, I'm a pretty big MMORPG gamer. What's an MMORPG? An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Think World of Warcraft and you'll understand. Basically any game where you have a bunch of people simultaneously playing and "living" in a world performing actions that both shape it and build upon it, be it economy, dungeons, socially, etc. It's a fascinating thing to experience a living breathing MMO and one thing I have really come to enjoy ...

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Killzone 3 First Impressions 1

  Front cover of Killzone 3 (US) for PlayStation 3  Killzone is a series that is near and dear to any PS3 FPS fans heart.  The series made it start on the PS2, had an offshoot game on the PSP, and finally made its way to next gen with a bang with Killzone 2.  Killzone 2 introduced most players to the gritty world of Helghan with amazing graphics and a fresh new take on FPS controls.  Can Guerilla Games up their tactics and produce another great game on the PS3 or will they suffer the next gen ...

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Batman: Arkham Asylum: Finally, A Game That Does A Comic Justice 0

Playstation 3 cover   Batman – The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne…he has many names, but no good video games. Sure, games have been created in the vain attempt to capitalize off of a movie or during a comic book resurgence period, but rarely did these games ever amount to anything more than a filler Christmas game that a loved one can get for the gamer in their life. With the recent release of “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, Rocksteady went out on a limb to create something we have rarel...

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Putting You In The Game 0

  If you're like me, you bought a Nintendo Wii around the time it came out.  You thought it would be awesome after hearing about the new Zelda, new Mario's, and everything else that Nintendo promised.  If you're truly like my, you were underwhelmed.  Sure, there are some good games out there like No More Heroes and the core games like Zelda and Mario, but shovel-ware plagues the system.  After buying into a few games, I slowly started to ignore Wii games and focusing all of my gaming on the "c...

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