10 Games from 2010 in a list.

This list is not in order of quality, these are just 10 games that came out in 2010.

10: Mass Effect 2:

This is certainly a game that came out in 2010.

9: Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy

Facebook games count too bro.

8: Game Dev Story

A game about makin' games, in 2010.

7: EA Sports MMA

Punching dudes simulator, released in twenty-ten.

6: Wii Party

The official Wii Party game of 2010.

5: Vanquish

This game has rocket boots! and made available for purchase in 2010.

4: Bayonetta

Realistic library action. Surprise it took till 2010 for that to happen.

3: PowerGig: Rise of the Sixth String

I don't even know, 2010.

2: Epic Mickey

Mickey Mouse is for everyone even the kids of 2010.

1: Fable III

Here is me not referencing Peter Molyneix's Balls.


I am not big into fighting games. Maybe it is because I don't care about winning or getting good. The few I like are generally easy to play and have some cool feature. I am pondering buying Marvel vs Capcom on the X-Box Arcade.  I probably won't.