Games I finished in 2010

List of games I finished this year. Counting a single player campaign as finished.

List items

  • Finished this playing as a Soldier. Pretty awesome game, gunna mess around with the other characters, then start playthrough 2. Maybe get Zombie Island or the level cap boosting DLC later.

    Date finished playthrough one: February 3rd. Date finished playthrough 2: July 21st.

  • Decided to finish this game on a whim I had one day. The last few hours seemed to drag on. The lack off checkpoints was an infuriating issue. Also had no care for most of the main characters really. I only really cared for Little Jacob and Packie but I knew they would make it.

    Date finished: February 27th.

  • The single player is fun and I like the characters. The back end seems a little rushed but multiplayer is were it shines. Wish I was playing the multiplayer right now.

    Date finished: March 4th.

  • Not sure if you really consider it "beating the game" when you go through the single player, but I am counting it.

    Date finished: May 1st.

  • Finally got around to beating this. After listening to an old bombcast were they talked about Half-Life series. I decided to finish it.

    Date Finished: May 12th.

  • Bought this game on sale, my first Metroid-Vania experience. Not amazing but good.

    Date Finished: June 28th.

  • I tried playing this game back in 2009, never got into it and tried again. Stuck mainly with the main quest and the Wasteland survival guide side quests. Final time: 17 hours, 47 minutes, 37 seconds.

    Date finished: June 20th.

  • The back catalog continues. Great game, I knew the ending before I started playing but the game was still shocking and a fun experience.

    Date finished: July 2nd.

  • Simply an amazing game. Characters were great and the story was awesome.

    Date Finished: August 27th.

  • Killed some zombies, real good.

    Date finished: October 6th.

  • Holy fuck balls do I want to play Assassin's Creed 2. Great ending.

    Date Finished: October 17th.

  • Really enjoyed the single player, multiplayer is still being played. Hudson is an ice cube.

    Date Finished: November 13th.

  • Love this game so much. Assassin's Creed has became my favorite franchise until Portal 2 comes out.

    Date Finished: November 23rd.

  • Half-Life weekend! Going to finish both Episode 1 and 2. Beat Episode 1, the story is good but not enjoying the game play that much.

    Date Finished: December 18th.

  • Half-life Weekend continues. Beat Episode Two. Same complaints as before, story is awesome (love the Portal tie in) but the game play is not that fun. Fuck those striders at the end.

    Date Finished December 19th.

  • Never played the other Metal Gear games but this was amazing. Story is amazing and made me really excited for Metal Gear Rising.

    Date finished: December 25th.

  • Fun game. Play it dawg.

    Date Finished: December 26th.

  • Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Great ending, great game, great series. Super pumped for Assassin's Creed 3.

    Date Finished: December 30th.