Games I Finished in 2011

Vidja Games Son!

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  • Beat the campaign. Cheated my ass off in this campaign, but still beat it. Lot of fun running over the British with a giant monster truck.

    Date finished: March 23rd.

  • Portal is my favorite game of all time and this sequel is amazing, lived up to the hype.

    Date finished: April 21st.

  • Became rank one. Lots of fun, upset at the lack of Andy Murry.

    Date finished: June 5th.

  • Game begins slow, but ends really strong. Sorta like Assassin's Creed 1. Lots of fun once it his mid-end game.

    Date finished: June 5th.

  • I usually don't like to include games I have replayed, but I think this is a special case. Re-playing through Assassin's Creed game before Revelations.

    Date Finished: June 27th.

  • Had this game since January, finally started playing it at the end of June, had a ton of fun playing it. Likable characters with a interesting story that was paced flawlessly. The only issue I had was with check pointing, but I expected that from Rockstar. Got the 100% completion too.

    Date finished: July 18th.

  • Won the Super Bowl with my Philadelphia Eagles. A good Madden game. Made some good improvements.

    Date Finished: Sometime in early September

  • Got this during the Welcome Back on PS3. Was a fun ride, story was compelling and game play was fun, only negative was the enemies were "bullet" sponges.

    Date Finished: Sometime in early October.

  • This game is wild in the correct ways. I can only say that it is a perfect game.

    Date finished: November 26th.