Games I finished in 2012


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  • Finally got this, was an awesome experience.

    Date finished: January 28th.

  • Played a shit load of this game. No real way to say it is finished, but I played it a bunch in 2012.

  • Beat all the Challanges minus the extreme ones. Fun and Frustrating.

    Date Finished: April 26th.

  • Took me a while to play this as I've been busy with work and playing NBA 2k12 a bunch. Not into horror really, so I didn't have a great time.

    Date finished: June 17th.

  • While it was a step down in quality from ACII and brotherhood, it was still a good experience. Also, Ubisoft really knows how to write good endings.

    Date finished: June 24th.

  • While parts of the game were really interesting, the game definitely lacked in some areas. Cliche is some elements and I though the level design was sub par.

    Date Finished: September 21st.

  • My room mate had this so I was able to play it. The campaigns are still amazing in Call of Duty.

    Date finished: September 24th.

  • It is unfortunate that most developers don't put forth the effort that Enslaved did to story. I can;t think of the last time I've gotten so emotionally attached to characters so early in a game. Awesome experience.

    Date Finished: October 13th.

  • Great game, although the ending chapter was pretty weak.

    Date finished: November 21st.

  • Fun. Enjoy me some tennis games.

    Date finished: December 5th.

  • Talk about a dissapointment. It was almost like a chore beating this game. Unfulfilling.

    Date finished: December 23rd.

  • Play this Madden a but, not as much as other Maddens which is odd because I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • Same thing with 2k12, play a shit load, but no way to classify it as finished.

  • Great moments, unfortunately all the game play was basically boss battles, which is something I disdain.

    Date finished December 28th.