Games I finished in 2k13

The games I played and beat in twenty thirteen.

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  • I played this game on and off with WWE 13 cutting up my playing time, but man was Sleepy Dogs a fun ride. Wei was a awesome character and the story, while cliche, was fun. Great mix of seriousness and ridiculous.

    Date finished: January 23rd

  • Played this a lot, mainly in the universe mode. Yoshi Tatsu for life.

    Date finished: January 25th.

  • Bought this after the quick look. Really fun.

    Date finished: February 1st.

  • Been playing this since Christmas (college really slowed my progress). Was a total blast, and I'm sure I will play it again in the future. Snipers were my ace.

    Date finished: February 24th.

  • Totally fun game with a bummer story. Vaas was awesome.

    Date finished: March 11th.

  • Played this after drinking some Cocaine. RIP me.

    Date finished: March 29th.

  • Brutal violent murder! Loved this.

    Date finished: April 3rd.

  • I like dumb kinect games. This was pretty good for that.

    Date Finished: July 4th.

  • Was a fantastic experience. Loved it, the ending was okay. Little cliche

    Date finished: September 5th.

  • Was an awesome follow up to 3. Mega fun running around as John Cena fucking up aliens.

    Date Finished: September 9th.

  • Sold 1,000,000 boards. Was fun though it probably was a good idea for them to stop after 3. Love the skate series though.

    Date Finished: September 17th.

  • Got it on steam a while ago. Finally got around to beating it. Was a ton of fun.

    Date Finished: September 23rd.