Games I loved as a kid

Being born in '93, a lot of the games I loved as a child were PS1 and early PS2 games. The list is in order of most liked to least.

List items

  • Me and my brother used to play this game all the time, all I did was button mash with Siegfried or they girl with a staff with a knife at the end that looked like a hockey stick.

  • Another game me and my brother played a lot. I don't believe we ever got close to beating it, I saw my brother make it to the second level once.

  • Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Sapphire were all the ones I've played. I don't know if I ever beat one but they sure were a ton of fun to play.

  • Loved Madden as a kid and Madden '10 seems to be a step in the right direction. Madden '05 is probably my favorite one.

  • Sub Zero is my homeboy.

  • Killing people and taking there "money packets" was the only thing I did in this game. I think I beat like 2 missions, yet I could buy all the houses available.

  • A game I really sucked at but loved to play. You could hit a guy off his bike with a chain. Even though I never did it, I still enjoyed the possibilities.

  • Crazy arcade football at its finest.

  • I am possibly the worst Metal Gear Solid player in the world. Which is a shame because I would like to play them for the crazy story, but I loved watching my brother play it.

  • Greatest basketball game ever.

  • Call me a sucker but I loved wrestling until I was 14. Naturally I loved the games despite the fact that I couldn't lose and the games weren't that good.