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More fun than good 0

THE GOOD: The open-world is absolutely huge and ready for you to destroy. The grapple and parachute are very unique and make getting around fun. There are bazillions of collectables and power ups. And every last inch of the world is packed with explosives; causing chaos, death, and destruction is just plain fun. THE BAD: The story, the writing, and especially the voice acting, are utterly horrible (thankfully you can skip the cut scenes). There is an over-abundance of enemies in the game, and ...

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I liked it 0

Good points: Great musicGood atmosphereBanter between the characters is hilarious and fabulous!Purchasing new guns is very satisfying as the purchased guns always feel more powerfulTactical combat (no endless enemy spawn closets)Bad Points: Story is disposableEnemies all seem the same after playing for a few hoursVery linear path feels less like exploring and more like you're walking down the road and picking up stuff that the game designers left for youThis game isn't really my style; I'm not n...

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The magic is gone 0

I came into Fallout: New Vegas with a love for Fallout 3; with its 40's music, its exploration, and its dialog trees. I even love the bad parts like its unfair ending and its janky physics engine. Fallout 3 nailed the concept of open world better than any other game. You really can do anything right from the start of the game. There are areas that will kill you if you don't level up first, but it's fun discovering those areas and revisiting them once you've leveled up.In Fallout: New Vegas, the ...

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It's more of the same 0

Did you play A Kingdom for Keflings? Well, they fixed some of the flaws with the original, like the slow-down, but basically this game is just more of the same. And that's not a bad thing.   This time there are multiple worlds for your giant avatar to explore, but there's just one main world. The other two worlds are small and don't offer a whole lot to do. But, all in all, this is the same game as the first. And, if you played through the first one, you'll probably rip right through this one, a...

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Exactly worth the two-day rental price I paid 0

Split/Second got old fast. I wasn't even done with the tutorial before I felt done with the game. Here's why: I just want to watch the game, not play it. The developers must have felt the need to add some depth to the superficial concept of the game, that being: drive your car as fast as you can through an amazing, crazy, exploding urban environment. But the depth of the game is what ruins it. Instead of watching the environment disintegrate around me, which is the best and most interesting part...

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Get it. You'll like it. 0

 GOOD:  The super cute graphics will wow you and make you want to sit closer to your television. It's simple and fun. My 5 year old son was able to beat the final boss on his own, yet the mini games offer a challenge for advanced players. The gameplay is super-intuitive and, since there is practically no penalty for dying in the game, it's perfect for the whole family.  BAD: It's too short and the mini games aren't much fun.  CONCLUSION: This is the cutest and most fun $40 I ever spent. Go get...

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This game should come with every new DS sold! 0

 The mechanics are simple. The graphics are simple. The music is simple. And this is simply one of the most fun games I've ever played. The fun comes from the combination of music, animation, and the rhythmic tapping, holding, and flicking of your stylus in time with the music. Rhythm Heaven presents a series of rhythm games to challenge you, and as you progress you'll unlock more rhythm games, so there's always that carrot dangling in front of you, pushing you to keep going. Even when you've m...

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An RPG but funner! 0

This game came bundled with my new DSi. I'd heard good things about it, and had read that it was like Paper Mario. I'd played a bit of Paper Mario, so I figured I knew what to expect: Too much dialog, super slow pace, mediocre battle system, and boring story. How wrong I was! The story is the standard, save the world fare, but the writing keeps it fresh, fun and endearing and gives the characters their own unique personalities. The pacing is a perfect balance of story, battle and exploration.  A...

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It's Solitaire 0

Good Points: It has the three Windows Solitaire games: Freecell, Klondike, and SpiderThere are tutorials for the Solitaire games (which helped me, because I didn't know how to play the other two)You can save your game and resume it laterSince it's DSiWare, you always have it with you, no matter what Cartridge is in the DSi Bad Points: The graphics are uninspiredThe music is boringInterface is a little clunky Getting excited about a Solitaire is difficult, and I'm not excited about this one any m...

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It's good, but not that good 0

Good Points: Good, engaging tower defenseEasy to pick up, hard to put downSimple interfaceDecent music Bad Points: The structure of the game leads to single games that are 30+ minutesNot enough variety in the mapsIt's hard to level-up "towers" that move around the board I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one had I appreciate that there are very few maps and that the game forces you to refine your strategy for those maps rather than throwing a ton of different maps at you. On the other...

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3 Hours of Fun for about $5 0

Good Points: Simple and fun puzzlingCute musicRelaxing Bad Points: A few puzzles relied on action rather than puzzle solvingKinda short This was probably one of the first puzzle games I played. I rented it for the original NES, and I only had one night to solve it  and no Internet to help me out. I couldn't finish it the first night and it really had me hooked. The second night I finished the game and it felt great; worth the late fee! Now that I've played it again, this time on the Wii Virtual ...

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Nothing Bad to Say 0

Good Points:    Fantastic level design Great music Streamlined overworld  Lots of variety in the gameplay Player 2 can now help player 1, instead of just griefing Beautiful, colorful, bright, cheerful, etc! Just plain fun! Bad Points: Hmmmmm... I don't know... It's not really a 2-player game...but you could just hand off the controller and take turns if you really want to make it 2-player. Some of it is a little too hard for my 5-year-old...I guess that's bad, right? (No, not really bad, ...

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