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Art Roundup - October 28th, 2014

Some stuff I've done this week. You guys might recognize a certain teddy bear of a man in my new tumblr header. Below that are some sketches of Moon Bear, a character I'm working on. He is a bear obsessed with The Moon.

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Art and Art Accessories.

I missed Giant Bomb. I'm gonna try to be active here again because living without this place for two years has taken one hell of a toll on me.

I used to do toons for you guys and now that I have an iPad I can draw more. If you're reading this I'm taking requests. I'll do the ones I like. :)

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- Kat


Art Bloggin' - SMB Edition

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 I whipped this up in about 20 minutes (I currently hold the world record for time in whipping this up). Not exactly sure whats going on, maybe he's getting hit in the head and will topple into the lava pit or maybe he's sturdy like a brick and will only suffer a mighty swelling.  

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Art Bloggin' - Lincoln Force

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I am so proud of this. I hope Ri-Ri likes it oh god.

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Trust me, this ain't supposed to be perfect as it was one of the first sketches. Might do more if some ideas hit me. =B

My Art Outside Giant Bomb

Sorry for cluttering up the Off Topic boards, the only reason I put this here is I've been asked many a time where people can find more work from me. It's just easier to address it this way instead of on an individual basis. I've updated my little bio section to include this info, but I'll put it here too for actualities sake. 
Weekly Art Blog:
Poorly-Maintained Deviant Art: 
Also, a handful have asked about commissions. Answer? I can accept them but at the moment I can't give any specifics on when I can get them completed, work comes first! Will try not to leave you hanging for too long.


Drunk Soliloquy: Nintendo's Wretched Disgraces

And so the wells and founts sprung forth; bountiful with shovel-ware, and it was cheap.
Lo, Miyomoto warned, "Quality over quantity; heed this warning!" but the naive and desperate Nintendo had already closed it's ears and mind to the sentiment.
Soon, a great sea had erupted from bargain bins nation-wide. Returns not meeting expenses. Nintendo was drowning! Cooking trainers....Pedometers....O what hath this Technology wrought!
A great man once said, "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could. O ye! They did not stop to think if they should." 
Ian Malcolm, verse 112: 118
Exeunt Kat

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