Reviewing Shit: Air Hockey

Another night at Dave & Busters with friends. Drinks were had, games were played. But not just any regular old games were played.. Tonight we played a well known game that isn't talked about too much between us "gamers". Tonight I played... Air Hockey.  

 The rules of Air Hockey are simple for us to follow, since Air Hockey follows the basic principles of Pong and... Hockey. To briefly explain it, you control a puck on a table that has little holes of air coming through it, giving the puck a feeling of glide. There are two openings on each side, giving the players the objective of not letting their puck go into the hole that they are suppose to protect. Both players are given an "Air Hockey Mallet" to hit the puck with. Most Air Hockey games are played till one player gets seven goals.
The first thing that you might find when walking up to an Air Hockey table is that it is a multiplayer-only game, and that there is no single-player campaign available. I've contacted the developer to see if they were going to patch in a single-player game at a later day, but I've had no replies as of now.  
As far as the product is, the game is compelling when faced with a human opponent. However, there seems to be no penalty for whenever you cheat and hit a puck when it has passed the half-way point, which leaves players with shorter arms at a disadvantage. Also, I pinched my fingers multiple times because I left my thumb vulnerable when holding onto the mallet. Another problem with the game is when you hit the puck really hard, it has a tendency to bounce out of the table and hit innocent bystanders that happen to be nearby. 
Overall, Air Hockey is a quality game that usually costs only 50 cents to a dollar per session. 
3 out of 5 stars.