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Arn Anderson was fired from WWE today, because of the influx of new hires and Arn is going to at Starrcast which I'm sure pisses off Vince.

Matt Hardy also said there's just 10 days left on his contract for WWE.

Both would probably be slam dunk hires for AEW agents I would think. Especially if they want to focus on having the best Tag division in the world.

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I am gonna regret this eventually probably but... I think MLW might be my favorite weekly show?

I honestly prefer watching MLW over NXT also. I just don't really like the style of wrestling that's taken over NXT over the last year outside of what I've seen on the women's division. I wouldn't call MLW perfect (nowhere close), but I usually come away from a show entertained by what they're doing.

I wonder who'll they'll get for Savage?

Jay Lethal

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AEW getting Tye wouldn't be good in my mind. Maybe if he came up with a compelling tag team partner... but I just couldn't imagine him being taken seriously in the singles division.

Also maybe a backstage guy would make sense.

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Just a general shower thought that I had. Before I sound super negative just wanna say I loved the main event last night.

The WWE roster is filled with Kofi Kingstons that are able to compete at a super high level and have a crowd full of people completely get behind them (especially with a heel as good as Daniel Bryan right now). Unfortunately moments like that are just spontaneous and are never built up super well and Kofi will probably drop back into the 50/50 group by the end of next month.

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This week’s episode can be found here:https://bestmatchever.podbean.com/e/13/

Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher

IWA Mid South / June 11, 2005

Watch the full match here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMU5S9VHhJM

Watch a highlights video of it set to “My Sacrifice” by Creed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf5FWAwzfYc

This match might be one of the most violent matches in the history of the ECW Arena, which is saying something because there is no weapons even used outside of a couple of chairs being thrown around (and a guardrail).

At this moment in time Samoa Joe is coming off of his big title reign as the ROH Champion and later in the year he’s going to have one of his most legendary matches against Kenta Kobashi, he is a legitimate badass in the eyes of wrestling fans. His opponent, Necro Butcher, was a well known deathmatch wrestler who had the perfect look and would have been a perfect fit in ECW if he was on the wrestling scene a few years earlier. The idea of these two going head to head would’ve been the perfect car crash of a match that Joey Janella’s Spring Break tries to go for every year. IWA Mid South was the first promotion that was lucky enough to book it, and it didn’t disappoint.

The match starts like it’s the homestretch of a New Japan match. Both guys are forearming each other and it gets sent to the outside and over the rails into the crowd quick.


Those people on Commentary you hear are Dave Prazak, Eddie Kingston and CM Punk. This isn’t the mopey CM Punk who got burned out by wrestling… in 2005 this is a very energetic CM Punk who absolutely loves wrestling and is incredibly joyous watching this match happen in front of him. It really adds to the match and the commentary just sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out and watching a crazy fucking match (and frequently name dropping wrestling superfan-turned backstage worker for NXT Rob Naylor becomes the running gag from the commentary booth).

Back to the crazy match, Samoa Joe does a powerslam onto Necro Butcher’s forehead somehow. He follows it up by doing a suplex onto Necro Butcher’s forehead from the apron to the floor (Warning: the next clip is incredibly graphic and might be hard to watch for some).


Probably the main detractor from the match is that this match might go a little too far. In a shoot interview that Butcher had on this match, he apparently is coherent throughout the match and he actually calls every spot that happens in the match. I’m not sure how true that is, but that’s what he claims. All I know is, you probably shouldn’t be jumping off the apron and land skull first onto concrete ever.

The punishment for Butcher doesn’t end there. He gets tossed back into the ring and gets powerbombed onto the guardrail, which whiplashes his head and neck, and then he takes a german suplex onto a chair that’s unfolded. Butcher manages to get back onto his feet and then we have one of the most memorable exchanges ever.


Samoa Joe’s body is the canvas and Necro Butcher’s blood is the paint, and what are they creating? A masterpiece of a moment.

So… where does this match rank on our list? Well you can watch our deliberations on it in the video below (or listen to the podcast episode for the full discussion of the match):


Do you agree with our ranking of this match on our current list? Where would you have put it? What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below, subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts, and you can give us matches to rank by going to www.BestMatchEver.com

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@shinmaru007: Oooh, good comparison to Mankind KOTR. Thanks. I had a written version that I posted up on Wreddit that I'll copy and paste here for it in an hour or two.

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Since the leaps in technology are becoming smaller and smaller, I would imagine that developers would still be incentivized to make games for current hardware years after new consoles come out.

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@mytamhuyet: It was hit with a content ID thing because of the segment with the TV show included (My first Best Of was hit with the same thing)

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I'm never going to doubt Gedo's booking because it always pays off. If you were watching towards the buildup of this, the title change is super believable.

Jay White is the only true heel in New Japan, so giving somebody the chase is good for the company. Hopefully it's not Okada winning at MSG because that would be too short.

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Awesome work duder! Though calling something "clips that didn't make it to the Best Of" a "Best Of" is interesting :).