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Games I played in 2014

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  • Very innovative text adventure. Great presentation. Too short.

  • Beautiful and creative world that was created. Fantastic music and vocal works. First half was pretty straightforward outside of two puzzles that made me stuck. Took me 4 hours for part 1.

  • I got a Vita! Neat-o!

  • It's like Canabolt but with actual gameplay.

  • Best iOS game I've enjoyed in quite a while.

  • First "next gen" looking game I've played. Looks great and combat feels fantastic. I wish the missions were more varied then "go here, kill that".

  • Neat game, didn't hook me though

  • awesome soundtrack, looks great on Vita

  • Gorgeous game. Real original in a lot of ways. The most "nintendo" game Sony's ever made.

  • Very fun short bursts. Didn't hook me like I thought it would.

  • Another Trials game. The narrative is dumb and annoying.

  • interesting premise, not really compelling.

  • Looks amazing, haven't finished it. Best while played on a toilet.

  • Will probably review later. Really liked just about everything about it.