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The Turbies: GOTY 2013

aka: Here's 10 games that I managed to play this year.

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  • The Last of Us is the best game of the year by a mile. After the last few years of a Protagonist that tries to save the world/universe, it's extremely refreshing to have one who's extremely relatable and is only trying to get the end with his own best interests taken care of. The gameplay is extremely engaging and dynamic, forcing you to constantly improvise your tactics on the fly instead of just sitting behind a wall and waiting for the enemy AI to be dumb. Also, the online multiplayer is extremely well implemented and caused me to lose about 100 hours to this game.

  • Very beautiful Metroidvania style game that never really took itself too seriously. Great 2D combat system and platforming throughout.

  • Online Leaderboards!!!! Brilliant game to show off the hardware with. Seeing voxels exploding all around the place makes for a very impressive Tech Demo. Also, it's really fun. HOT TIP: Boost + Throw Human will launch that fucker across the map.

  • The overall story of this game drew me in and forced me to finish this game in two sittings. I found some of the late game combat a little dull (fuck those ghosts), but the hook mechanic mixed in with the tears mechanic livened up the ol' FPS Genre.

  • How to make me feel like an asshole: The Game

  • Guys, I was #2 online at Divekick at one point in time. I really enjoyed this game, especially with friends and alcohol.

  • You know what's fun? Elaborate Heists. There's only about 6 of them in GTA V, but they are easily the best part of the entire game. We need some sort of heist game that's actually good (Payday doesn't count). Also I enjoyed the looseness of GTA V, bringing it back to San Andreas.

  • I fucking loved Game Dev Story. I hate waiting for more of those games. Tycoon isn't perfect, but it still managed to get me to play it for a ton of hours this year.

  • Casual Game with RPG elements wrapped around it. I'm getting tired of writing descriptions for lists.

  • It's like Pokemon but it takes forever to get anything done!