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If you like Diablo, you will like Torchlight 0

Diablo is perhaps my favorite game of all time.  Torchlight is so similar, it is hard not to like it.  I have played it for about 5 hours and I am having a great time.  The game plays great on my lower end PC.  On the second to hardest difficulty, this game still feals easy and my charater could over power all foes.  For most players, the top difficulty setting is the way to go.  All three charaters play so similarly, it is just a matter of fighting preference.  Considering the $20 price point -...

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Total letdown 0

Final Fantasy VII was my favorite game when I played FFVIII (and still is one of the best games of all time). My expectations for the next game in the series were higher then any game could realistically live up to, I admit that. But this game is the worst of the Final Fantasy series in my opinion. Here are the positives – Card game could land you valued items in the main quest and good graphics (although I have seen better for a PC game because the graphics were not updated from the Playstation...

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So addictive that it almost ruined my life! 0

Diablo. What can I say about this game. How about most addicting gameplay ever. How about most enjoyable leveling up ever designed. How about fantastically designed multiplayer (which is totally free by the way). How about a gaming experience so enjoyable that I almost flunked out of college because I played this game so much. How about greatest game of all time. Period.This game is so good, that it almost ruined my life because I would rather play the game than go to the college classes that I ...

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My review in first person perspective 0

When I play an RPG, I usually change the name of the primary adventurer to my name and pretend to take on that persona. While you can’t change the name of the main character in Quest 64, my name also happens to be Brian, so isn’t that convenient. Bear with me as I give the rest of my review in first person.Oh no! My father’s been kidnapped. I must go save him. Let me leave this undeveloped town full of empty rooms and run down the only road to look for him. This road has many enemies, but they d...

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Don't buy, but ok to rent for points 0

The good: Satisfying hack and slash, well designed magic system, the game doesn’t feel brokenThe bad: Bad voice acting, below average graphics, difficulty settings which all seem about the same, short length, fixed camera, lack of side kick self-preservationThe ugly: Dreadful cut scenes, the lack of a compelling storyOverall: This hack and slash game is ok if you enjoy the genre like I do. The magic system is well designed and adds a lot to the gameplay. It is very repetitive and short lived, so...

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Flawed, but playable dance game 0

I don’t have to tell you what this game is all about because if you’re reading this, you already know how DDR games work. This review is about the good and bad in this version of the game. The good: 1. The playlist is lengthy and varied, but most songs are not my cup of tea.2. Many different modes provide variety3. The calorie calculator is a very nice touch. The bad: 1. Quest mode feels broken.  It is hard to figure out how to play and it is no fun to play.  The only reason to play it is for ac...

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