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is David Simon's (producer of The Wire) new show on HBO.  Much like The Wire, this show has one of the richest atmospheres I have ever witnessed in a television program.
What Baltimore was to The Wire, New Orleans is to Treme.  The music, the people, the's all there and as an outsider I will never be able to understand it.
Watch it!


Monday, Blugh-day.

Man, today was a real snoozer.  Why am I even writing about it?
Ten-page research paper due tomorrow on my argument that Andy Warhol, as an artist, worked within Marxist modes of production all the while existing and consuming in such a Capitalist fashion.  Fun stuff!


Oh! GTA IV, you slay me.

Not sure why, but after not touching GTA IV for nearly 2 years, I cannot put it down.
No, I didn't start the story over and, no, I haven't purchased the DLC (I will soon though).  
For some reason, I can't put down the multiplayer.  What I once found to be a dull experience because of auto-aim, juvenile opponents (and teammates), and GTA IV's often tourettes-inducing version of the Euphoria engine is now an incredibly enjoyable experience.  There's just something about jumping your motorcycle off a ramp into your buddy's passing speedboat that other games can't match.
I would write more, but my hands need the sticks again.