Behind the Scenes: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

Read the review here. I'm going to write reviews semi-frequently, so I feel like making a couple things clear would allow for more transparency. This is copying Ryan Clements of IGN, because this is something I was impressed with.

-I've played every previous Kingdom Hearts game in the series, but not fully through on some of them. I played Chain of Memories, Re:Coded, and 358/2 Days fully, but not KH, KH II, or KH Birth By Sleep fully (about 5-10 hours per) due to my lack of anything Playstation.

-I completed this game on Standard Difficulty, in about 24 hours. I'm still playing. My total game time is 27 hours so far.

-I "Dropped" 27 times at this point.

-Mostly in standard lighting, played at 1 brightness. In below-average lighting, 1 brightness was ideal. In the presence of any sunlight, at least 2 brightness was needed, due to the common darker dungeons.

-3D was played in all cutscenes, and sometimes in boss fights.

-I used the Circle Pad Pro once.

-This game lost points due to:

  • Poor storytelling
  • Lame camera
  • Lack of the overall KH magic (subjective, I know)

-This is still a good game that you should buy.