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Atmospheric and innovative gameplay make BioShock a "must buy." 0

A utopia under the sea, free of tyrants, governments, or gods. What could go wrong? Plenty. In 2K's BioShock, you'll find yourself thrust into the undersea city of Rapture, where it's obvious that something's gone horribly wrong. Armed with little more than a wrench, you'll start your journey through this masterpiece of a video game with one goal in mind: find out what happened in the city of Rapture. BioShock will last 15-20 hours, and every minute is a treat; this game is not your average firs...

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Proven Battlefield gameplay with few extras. 12

The classic Battlefield formula is back in this download only sequel to the popular Battlefield 1942. For only 15 dollars, you'll be treated to the same Conquest game mode and all the action that accompanies it, which makes this game ideal for Battlefield devotees. However, despite the addictive gameplay of Conquest mode, the game feels a bit stripped. Though somewhat understandable for a download only game, it definitely hinders the replay value and the long-lasting impression of Battlefield 19...

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An addictive shooter that's even better when played with friends. 0

Let's be honest -- the zombie apocalypse isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Luckily, zombie aficionados can still get their fix in Valve's recent zombie-survival game, Left 4 Dead. In Left 4 Dead's campaign, you'll take control of one of four charismatic "survivors" as you fight the zombie "horde" in one of four zombie infested locations -- your ultimate goal is to escape. If you have Xbox Live, you'll look forward to playing co-op with up to four friends online, one taking control of each cha...

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Life in post-apocalyptic society has never been so fun. 1

Ten years after Fallout 2 was released, the Fallout series is back and arguably better than ever. Unlike it's predecessors, Fallout 3 ditches the top down perspective for a first person/third person view, and adds many graphical and gameplay enhancements that couldn't be replicated in 1998. In Fallout 3, you'll be thrust into the what is known as the Capital Wasteland, or post-apocalypitic Washington DC. You'll meet ghouls, mutants, future political figures, and explore the ruins and relics of A...

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Unleash havoc on the battlefield like never before. 1

In late 2006, Electronic Arts released Battlefield 2142 on the PC to relative success. Two years later, the Battlefield series came to consoles with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. In Bad Company, you'll be utilizing Dice's new Frostbite engine to destroy your way through a somewhat short single-player and an addicting multiplayer experience. Though Bad Company is quite different from its Battlefield cousins in both story and presentation, minus a few small annoyances, it's a great shoo...

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A decent follow-up to Need For Speed: Most Wanted. 0

Despite a lot of negative opinions floating around about Need for Speed Carbon, I decided to pick up the game to check it out for myself. That was a decision I won't soon regret. Onto the Gameplay. The customization is great; there is a very large number of parts and accessories to customize your car with. It seems to be second only to Midnight Club: Dub Edition in this aspect. I was also very pleased to see more cars in Carbon than in Most Wanted. Many people disliked the cut scenes in Carbon...

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Call of Duty 3 is a good game, but not the expected knockout. 2

As I went through playing Call of Duty 3, I kept getting the feeling I had been there, done that. Don't get me wrong; Call of Duty 3 is a good game, with good graphics, and a fun multiplayer. It's just that this game is almost too much like the "generic World War 2 shooter," and Call of Duty 2, for that matter: you go into the mind of a supposed unknown soldier and fight in his or her body throughout many military battles. You travel to a battle, fight, and win. When all else fails, at least yo...

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F.E.A.R. is the epitome of the FPS/Horror genre. 0

Originally appearing on the PC in 2005, F.E.A.R. has made its way to consoles for the first time with this port to the Xbox 360. In F.E.A.R., you'll play as a new member to the First Encounter Assault Recon, or F.E.A.R., a top-secret government agency designed to investigate paranormal activity outside the spectrum of the public's watchful eyes. Thus, during F.E.A.R.'s engaging campaign, you'll encounter many creepy "things" and explore many creepy places, highlighting what F.E.A.R. does best --...

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