Strangers' Abode: One Game Only Edition

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Conundrums left and right, this is another edition of Strangers' Abode- my blog segment in which I use short controlled bursts of information aimed at your head.
                                                                             Blat blat blat! Let's go!

One Game Only

One game only doesn't mean this blog will focus on one game, it means I can get only ONE game from the following selection:
  • Super Street Fighter IV
  • Starcraft 2
  • Minecraft
  • Microsoft Points (Let's say I'll get 2/3 games that way)
  • Just cause 2
Now, two of these great games cost the exact same ammount of money.
Starcraft 2 and SSFIV. Incidently, these two are the biggest contenders on that list.
Funny thing is- I already share one Starcraft 2 key with my brother.
But it's not as comfortable as I wish it was.
Also- I can't play against him, which is a bummer.
Two- TWO Starcraft keys purchased by me in a short ammount of time?
Insanity (not to use the word madness).

 I want a LAN option you bastards!
 I want a LAN option you bastards!

So why shouldn't I go for SSFIV? Well, you see, I'm not that good of a fighter.
I had SFIV, and my win/loose ratio was about 20% to 80%. Hint: 20% are the fights I won.
Minecraft? What?
 And this.
 And this.

It's a very interesting game, and I've found out about its existence by reading that blog.
Fascinating, you should check it out- if you hadn't already. Thanks Fallen189, for putting this game on my radar!
Now, the big thing about Minecraft is that it's really cheap right now.
By not buying it while it's in the Alpha stage, I'm loosing money! The game will be more expensive in Beta!  
Just Cause 2 is the least appealing game of the bunch.
It looks pretty though.
Damn. I've got a conundrum. 
Any opinions?



And now- back to our show

Castlevania is comming out this week- and I'm eagerly awaiting its premiere.
I love side scrollers, and Metroidvania games are a perfect example
of a complicated, well structured 2D game.
Puzzle Quest 2 is a nightmare. I can't play it anymore.
The second I see an enemy standing on my path, I turn off the game.
Then I start it up, fight that enemy, go on, see another monster, turn it off. 

I'm level 40, and every fight still takes about 10 minutes. I have had enough.
It's like playing Persona 4 without the story.
Only boring dungeons remain. 


Man, I'm really selling you on the game, huh?
And that's pretty much it.
Thanks for reading! Bye!