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The vidja games I love

If I were to create a video game, it would probably be similar to at least one of the following:

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  • Okay, so, for me this game is pretty much perfect. Well... except for the combat. But there are only two to three things that you'll have to fight. And I guess that's the stength of Planescape. Also, it has an amazing story and its world is really imaginative and original. The writing couldn't be better.

  • It doesn't have story, it just has amazingly replayable gameplay. I turn this game on every month or so, and I have it installed on almost everything I own. The music is... Well, jus' listen to them midi guitar solos... Oh yeah.

  • I played this game 10 times. Maybe even more. It's just damn perfect, down to its hillarious god awful writing and voice acting.

  • Shootin' zombies was never this much fun. Except it's a little bit clunky.

  • This game... See, I like Resident Evil very, very much. But, the thing I didn't dig about the franchise was the combat. And this game's combat is better. Way better, it was revolutionairy. So I like it quite a bit.

  • The music, the visuals, the gameplay... this is just a really well made game. So much atmosphere to soak in, I could just walk around the world for hours and not get bored. Finding some of the colossi is such an exciting adventure! Oh, I wanna play it again. Wish I had a working PS2 or a PS3.

  • Hey, in my opinion, the best FF ever. The story is fantastic, the writing very solid, the world well realised and the gameplay... well... It's not great, but it's way better than the craphole that was FF VIII's drawing system, that's for sure. Vivi makes this game to be honest, and his the philosophical musings on what it means to die and the uncertainty of life are just fascinating. Some of the best character development I've seen in video games period. Good stuff.

  • Come on, It's Chrono Trigger.

  • Made an enormous impact on me when I played it for the first time. The world is so unique, full of colours and great characters, the writing's great, the altering of two worlds is a fun twist on the whole thing. It's plot is ridiculous though, so just... Just go with it and don't think about it, okay?

  • A new entry. I didn't expect much from the story and it blew me away. Nicely done Supergiant games! Nicely done indeed.

  • The gameplay is crap. But the story and the characters... holy freaking shit. If you can stomach the attrocious battle system, go play it.

  • Deciding to play The Neverhood when I was bored may have been the best decision I've ever made.

  • Probably played it too many times. This game is the best Neo-Geo game I've ever played. The level design and art are nothing short of spectacular, and the game breanches at almost every opportunity. So satysfying to shoot guys in the face! Rocket launcher!

  • I use my nostalgia card here.

  • I played all the way through this game in two days. You won't be able to put the damn game down. The conclusions are so juicy, dripping with crazy convoluted twists and turns, you'll spend the whole night tapping the screen.

  • This game has the stupidest puzzles in any adventure game ever. Hell, it's worth it. April Ryan is a fun character, and the writing is pretty cool. Like adventure games? If you do... You probably have this game on your bookshelf. Or on Steam. Or GOG, whatever.

  • It's a sim game with monsters. It's just plain awesome.

  • I've played through this whole game in one sitting. Took me about a day. It's like commandos, but with cowboys. Yeah.

  • If this isn't one of the best games ever, I don't know what is.

  • Oh, the awesome music. The delightfuly amazing music. And the graphics. So cool. You know what? That's the word that fits this game. Cool.

  • Fallout has one of the most detailed and interesting universes in video games ever. It's unique and full of conflicts and... Okay, okay, it's Mad Max. Let's be frank here, they wanted to make Mad Max the video game. And they succeeded.

  • Fallout+Obsidian=gold. Great writing, interesting characters, fun quests.

  • You've probably heard about... Yeah, you've heard all about this game.

  • Infuriatingly hard, slow paced and frustrating. Doesn't bode well. However, these cons turn out to be assets. It is hard, but it is fair. It's slow paced, but it's also tactical. It is frustrating, but it's only because there's so much at stake each time you go on an adventure. Dark Souls is something special.

  • More or less Dungeon Keeper in space. Hell, it's a better Dungeon Keeper game than DK2.

  • Best HoMM game.

  • It's a metroid-like game in sea. This one is way more easygoing. So take a blanket, grab yourself a cup of cocoa, play the game and relax. Also- it's a slow burn, so it'll take a couple of hours to hook you. Stick with it, you'll be glad you did.

  • Not the original- the restored version on the PSP. Why? Because the translation is amazing. Do you like great writing? Do you like addictive gameplay? Yes? Tactics Ogre on the PSP is for you! Don't have a PSP? Well dang.

  • An arcade killing simulator. If that sounds horrible, it should. This is a horribly brutal game. It's also incredibly addictive and FUN!

  • The greatest platformer ever made. Sans SMW maybe.

  • Hey, it's the first (and best) match 3 + RPG game. Good stuff.

  • Yo, it's like Joust, but more vertical than horizontal, and has more than one level. Hey, I have nothing against Joust, in fact- I like it quite a bit. I just feel like this game improves on Joust's ideas.

  • A-A-A-A-A--A-A+B



  • This game is something special, tell you what. Whatcha gonna do next Kasavin? Cause whatever it is, I'm listening.

  • Shoot down them rebels. Stupid idiots, trying to mess things up for the benevolent empire. I mean- they're dealin' with pirates and stealing our stuff for Christ sakes. Oh yeah, the game. It is really simple but rewarding and when the ships go kablooey- you feel good about yourself. Also- it is really hard, but that's part of the appeal.

  • I like Metroidvania games, and this one is polished to an incredible degree. That's definitely uncommon nowadays. It just feels right. It also looks pretty. And has a great soundtrack. Just go get it.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.