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Best of 2009

TwoOneFive: Best of 2009

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  • Not just the BEST game of 2009, it truly is one of the best games I have ever played!

  • The singplayer campaign was everything I ask for out of a FPS game and more. The multiplayer was incredible and really set the bar high for future online games as far as features go. The clan support was godly!

  • Proto-what?!

  • Finally, a good comic book based game. I feel like it has been forever since a game like this came along!

  • Best and most realistic sports game ever made!!

  • Everything you could ask for out of a fantastic platforming game.

  • Outstanding. The online alone put this on my top ten!!


  • Kick ass- the only 360 game that made my list...woah just noticed that. It a downloadable game but damn its better than the majority of the $60 games released on 360 this year.

  • I couldn't make a list without including this game. Sure i haven't played it much since I beat the 3 to 5 hour game but damn it I sure haven't forgotten it.