Hi, "new" dude here.

Hi, i've been a giant bomb follower ever since the site went up. I somehow separated from gaming for a while so I didn't bother coming here too much. But now i'm back and currently going through gears of war 2 campaign, which in my opinion would be one very awesome game if driving was a little bit better. I'm getting quite frustrated because of it and I only have today to finish the campaign since tomorrow morning I'm leaving town for a dance and song festival. I finally got around to blogging and editing stuff in GB. I’m also thinking about writing a review for GoW2, any tips? I’ll briefly talk about GoW2 and some other stuff in this post.

I was wondering why do developers put in driving sequences in such games as halo and gears of war? I thought Halo 3 driving was one bad-bad thing(now thinking about it, halo wasn't that bad since the driving scene at the end of the game made up for it). And now came GoW2 driving which is definitely the worst thing about this game and clearly takes the 1st place in shitty driving category. It would have been perfectly alright if I never had to drive anything but NO, they had to screw up something...  Driving on these lakes while getting bombed was NOT fun since I couldn’t predict where the bombs would land. I just basically died enough times to memorize the path since the vehicle couldn’t turn itself or stop. I might have missed something that would have helped me find the clear path though…

Digestive teeth - awesome
Digestive teeth - awesome

Well i guess everything must have it's ups and downs, while driving was one of the downs swimming in worm blood was most certainly one of the ups. I could almost smell this disgusting creature, it just felt so good. I was writing stuff on my laptop while going through the campaign and most of the comments were about the worm or about the driving. While there was a "WOW..." about the worm but there was " Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck" about the driving. Mabye the driving is fine and I have just grown so much apart from the gaming that I don't recognize good driving anymore?

Enough about GoW2. I also wanted to say that giant bomb hasn’t lost it’s awesomeness in any ways. I can’t believe how much this site has improved from when it started. Endurance run is the best thing ever happened in my opinion :D. Anyway, now that I have more will and free time i’ll be trying to edit stuff myself and mabye even write a review or two. Damn this thing got way longer than I expected, I better quit now...

Note: This thing could use a spell check. My native language is not English so it would be awesome to have this. Mabye there already is one but I failed to notice that.