A Real Essay on the Subject of Morals


And Lo, Giant Bomb is a meta game. I was going to comment on this yesterday, but didn't have time, and thus posted a shameless attempt for points, which achieved a lock and some strange looks from passers by. Well, at least a "Son, I am Disappoint" comment from Mracoon. A prime example of one of the problems of this questing in this fine establishment called giant bomb. In the short time I spent figuring out the answers to some of the easier ones, and contemplating creating 10 forum topics (I never create Forum topics, why do that when you can blog?) I think I've got a good idea of what the system can be. A bullet point list, if I may. (I did not create 10 forum topics, by the way.) 
 Level up! (This is the best picture they had, I apologise)
 Level up! (This is the best picture they had, I apologise)
  • Clues for people on Wiki Pages. GENIUS, if I may say. Good job, this is the best part of the system by far!
  • The ones about real achievements and S ranking are pretty cool, and I suppose on a video game site we should reward that.
  • XP for Wiki Editing is a good idea. It may cause some people to try to "boost" but nothing appears there unless moderated, so it shall work fine.
  • Getting XP for doing stuff to do with the site can help people try out more of the awesome stuff that GIANT BOMB has to offer.
Not so Good. I won't say bad, it's more risky stuff.
Longer responses for this one, it needs to go into paragraphs. I'm a critical motherfucker.
The XP system seems like its going to become the entire ranking system for the whole site, indicated by Dave in his post.. This includes wiki editing and forum posts. This is hells of risky. The boosting yesterday, which I so expertly demonstrated, just proved that when there are points available the forums become clogged with rushed shit, bad one line jokes about boosting (this was my category) and not really thought out discussion, which is what should be there (Even if it isn't most of the time. OH BURN. I kid.) There is a place for, shall we say, a small amount of XP for every forum post, It will make more people motivated to reply to a lot more in the forums, and hopefully means that more topics get more responses. Obviously the opposite could happen, and it could encourage more one line "k." type responses.
However, if we are going to roll out XP for everything, we need to reward quality over quantity. You could call this bullet point self preservation, and you would be right. I would love some points if my blog is good enough. That's right, *good* enough. I really don't want points for quantities of blogs. That is a bad idea. I've already ranted about how blogging isn't really, well, actively encouraged here, and this is another area where the limited number of bloggers here need to be rewarded (If forum kings and wiki champs are, it's only fair *innocent face), and as I always say, *good* blogs need to be more accessible in an easier way. Sweep deserves a large chunk of XP, and more people need to read what Sweep writes, for example. Who can say I'm wrong?
 Wouldn't be Giantbomb without Hamburger Jokes. I don't like hamburgers. This is related to quests in some way, right?
 Wouldn't be Giantbomb without Hamburger Jokes. I don't like hamburgers. This is related to quests in some way, right?
Don't think I'm being all negative on this one, though. I *greatly* approve of Wiki treasure hunting, and if that is regularly publicized and updated (so people know when new quests are about) it will be something beautiful. I was one of the lucky ones who remembered the most important man in the video game industry, by the way. Pretty good, pretty good. 
A question though. It seems to me there is a category for Mods only that has way more XP available than all the other sections. 18k, in fact. This is a balance problem, if true. I hope not, but if it is, then I suggest to people up high, that you make it a fair playing ground. Equal opportunities. I won't ever get the User review one either, because I live in the UK and often personally cannot by what I want on week day. The game I had the best chance of getting front page review for was ME2, and UR was up for that before I received  it on the Friday. Tis a sad time. But I digress, I am complaining about selfish issues now. Like the lack of a featured blog on the fr... I'll stop.
I think I've said my piece now. Can I be forgiven for yesterday? May I suggest (not retroactively, please) that mods can remove XP if there is obvious, blatant boosting going on. I also shouldn't have attached that shit to the forums, I realise now, but I learn and move on. Anyway, yes, if this system is eventually going to be THE system for everyone, it needs to include everyone on the site. Otherwise, I'll make an angry blog about it.

In Other News...

  • What is the best TV show that I watch at the moment? It is either The Mentalist or Doctor Who. I cannot decide. The Mentalist is very good though. Very good.
  • Still going through Borderlands in gaming. Have a lend of Arkham Asylum, need to finish that. Finishing games is a good idea. I can tell I'm not gonna buy any more new ones til Christmastime, so there is hope!
  • Music! I love Music! My current fad bands are The Offspring, and some stuff with HORNS like Less than Jake and the Bosstones. Good stuff. Coheed's new album comes out next week, and I cannot wait.
  • GCSEs are a fun time in the UK. You have to continually revise over and over, yet you know in your heart you don't really need to. It is strange indeed.
  • Also, I was serious. I don't like hamburgers. I really don't eat much, its strange. I don't like eating so much food. I miss out on pizza and hamburgers.