Apparently This Is Real

I Found This on Kotaku

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First off, a helpful link to the Kotaku Story. Have you all read that now? No? Well don't worry cause I'll paraphrase.


There is going to be, apparently, a video game like cybernetic suit for use by the army. And they have called it: "Future Soldier 2030." Now I have no idea how credible this is, but its great blog material, so lets roll with it. Lets list the features of this suit now:
  • Strength Enhancing Exoskeleton
  • In Helmet HUD
  • Voice commands
  • "Data Glove"
  • Advanced Nanomaterial
  • Biometric Headgear.
  • Combat Enhancing Drugs

Obviously this is all in the concept stage, and as the picture to the right shows, it looks exactly like Shepard's suits from Mass Effect. So, the Army come up with a ridiculously cool concept, but then they fail in other areas. Like the naming. "Future Soldier 2030." Seriously, they didn't use some kind of acronym? Like N.I.C.E: Nanomaterial Individual Combat Exoskeleton. If they are gonna nick the combat suits from video games, they should really nick the cheezy names we give them.

Now, In Helmet HUD.  I'm still reeling in shock over this one. Its very helpful in video games, but all it will serve to do in REAL warfare is simply distract you, right? Though the thought of a soldier seeing his own health bar, whilst thats obviously not what they mean, still made me chuckle. Actually, it may happen, as the picture shows:
"Physiological sensors that continuously monitor the soldier's health."
Make it happen, US army. Please, it's such a funny idea. How depressed would that make a soldier to see there bar flashing red and then NOT regenerate?

The best one for me was the Voice Commands. Allow me to take a chunk of the Kotaku story here:
"Features Include...voice commands that unlock a weapon or set it to less-than-lethal force"
I saw Star Trek last week. So all I can imagine is that there is going to be a combat suit that will respond to the phrase: "Set Phasers to Stun." If thats not going to be a feature of this suit, then by god they should just give up on this crazy idea right now.

Also, I mentioned the similarity to the Mass Effect suits. IT EVEN HAS A THING ON THE WRIST TO CONTROL ROBOTS. Granted, its not orange and a floating hologram, but haven't bioware sued or something?

The rest is almost all predictable video game jargon that WE have heard before, Advanced Nanomaterial, Biometric Headgear, Combat Enhancing Drugs. Wait? Drugs? The Army are actually going to make Haze a reality? There are oh so many negative connotations for that possibility that I am worried to even mention it. When you put your soldiers inside a NANOMACHINE POWERED EXOSKELETON, why do you need to pump drugs into them? Well, if thats what it takes to include a health bar and "Set Phasers to Stunned" then go ahead actually, I'd love to see that.

In Other News...

  • I've been constantly listening to 21st Century Breakdown. It rules. You should too.
  • Apart from that, I've had exams. So not much.