The Art Of Fighting (...In The Street) I: 59 Hours

I don't know if you know this, but...

I have spent 59 hours with Street Fighter IV. Fifty Nine hours. Fucking count them! I'm still as shit as the day is long though. And I want to learn! I really do! But I'm not good enough. And I went on SRK once (Yes, I only put SRK cause I forgot how to spell Shroyouken. Also, the spell check when I click on that is "Shropshire") to see if I could get some help. I saw that I couldn't understand a word. And I was already 40 hours deep into Street Fighter IV, yet I'd barely scratched the surface. This stroke me as rather problematic, and still, 59 hours in, I am not getting past trial 4 in the easy tier for Gouken. And instead of telling myself I've wasted my time, I've just kept on going? It begs the question, why?!
So, I ordered Super Street Fighter IV. In my mind, I'm watching all these videos, I'm looking at all these clips and everything, and I'm just going "i can't wait to be able to do this! I'm gonna take on the world!" But then, I go to get some practise in with my Street Fighter IV, and I can't do combos in matches, I can't do anything situational. All I know is to do the upwards hurricane kick when they jump in, and that if Ken gets close, do the punch counter a lot. Surely, learning through doing would have taught me more than that.  

 You would be correct to assume that this is just a random image I chose upon the searching of
 You would be correct to assume that this is just a random image I chose upon the searching of "Super"
Jeff makes an excellent point on the bombcast. There is no proper tutorial. Oh, what I would give to have a 5 hour mode that takes you through a series of battles, challenges, win conditions, tutorials, conditional battles and everything. It is the *one* place where one of those sports style career modes would actually improve the game. I need to know these things! And trying to know them so far has been like, aptly, trying to beat up a car with your BARE HANDS.
I shall refrain from going on anymore about Street Fighter. The game arrives, hopefully, on Tuesday. And after it has arrived, I will play it, and post my impressions. But until then, if the helpful eye of a SF Veteran does fall onto this blog, do answer the question that plauges me and many others, and you have no doubt answered a thousand times, yet have no right to be forced to. Where do I start?  

In Other News...

  • How Is a duck pond a duck pond if there aren't any ducks?
  • Life is not currently fun for me. I won't go into it, we'll just say I've had my share of breakdowns this week. Fun times.
  • GCSEs are nearing their conclusion. It's a strange feeling, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but before the light is a big fun hammer that i must hit myself with until I can be allowed through. The light only lasts a while? Does life ever actually become fun?
  • Oh yes, I'm also having an existential crisis. You see, I like existing. It's one of my favourite things. The thought of not existing is one I cannot comprehend. And I don't need to think about that, when I'm thinking about my skills at a fake fighting simulation.
  • Alright, I should go watch CSI:NY