Games That Need Sequels NOW.

Its that time of year again folks, the time I look at the Holiday release schedule and still don't see...well if I said now I'd ruin the list for you. But anyway, these are the games that I love so hard and am sad that there isn't a sequel to them for me to play, and the likelyhood of one is low.

List items

  • Was I the only one? I love Tony Hawk, I love the goofiness, I love the arcade style. Yes, to me, Proving Ground was a disappointment because it tried to be realistic and edgy, which was a mistake releasing side by side with skate. But it is the only TH game I'll have to play on my 360 ever. I loved the TH formula, and the additions, whilst minor each year, kept me interested. I may have been in a minority, but it made me sad. Now they've just moved Neversoft to whoring out Guitar Hero, and want to make me spend money to "fakeboard." That isn't a true sequel. They could have just remembered that arcade-like Tony Hawk is awesome, and all it needed was a bit of refining, but they just gave up. Ride is a new skating franchise, and my Tony Hawk will be missed.

  • DAAAAAAAAAAMN I love this game. Tell this to George Lucas: This is the only Star Wars related piece of media that I shed a tear in. No, I'm not gonna spoil the ending, because I want you all to get it for xbox, buy it off steam if its on there, and play this game. In my eyes, its the last game from the golden era of Star Wars games, when the games kicked much butt, and the films did not. Unfortunately, the reason there will never be a sequel to this game, however, is star wars. It starts at the beginning of the clone wars, and ends at the end of them. You may say a sequel could be side-story of another group but it wouldn't be as awesome, this game really gave a sense of care for your team. I don't care for...michael and..I can't even remember what they were called in R6V. But Sev, Fixer and Scorch. I love you guys, and no one can replace you. =[. (Lucas Arts, even though it would break the clone wars itself, make an out of continuity game starting straight after the end of this one, you can guess what that would contain. kthxbai.)

  • D-Tritus! I love you dude. This game ru-uu-les. This *IS* a more kid-friendly future GTA, and how it should be done. Even in this "kid friendly" attitude though, there are great standout elements of dark humour that the characters are impervious to that makes it just that little bit edgier. The gameplay was top notch in the cars themselves, which is where most of the action took place. Sure on foot it left a...little to be desired, but I looked past the faults, and I saw the great game beneath. There were so many unique ideas in storytelling and gameplay which deserve to be expanded upon at least one more time.

  • Its about time for another RollerCoaster Tycoon game, right? Damn I loved these. I must have spent HOURS in RCT 2 making coasters, making parks, putting no entry signs in front of the park exit. Ahhh, goodtimes. Then three came along, and I got that a bit later after I got a PC that was "with" the times. (Yes, my PC sucks), and whilst some additions were hit and miss, the loss of the isometric perspective was a necessity. The perfect isometric RC game was already made, and there were things you had to sacrifice to get the 3D in. Sure, it was harder to run and build coasters now, but YOU COULD RIDE THEM YOURSELF. That was awesome. And it was a bit buggy, sure, but they ironed them out with patch support, and could build so much more for a sequel. Its a sequel I wish I can see, someday.

  • This game is different, I know more Ace Combat games will come. But they have a habit to jump around consoles, go to portable, go to iPhone etc. etc. And I just want another on the 360, I hope they don't switch to the PS3 for the next game. Why? BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A PS3 AND WANT TO PLAY IT. Sure, its selfish, but this game has the best orchestral soundtrack for any game, bar none. It had be shouting at the screen in the TRAILER. I was timing all my dives and shots for the big crescendos in the music. So yeah, its an awesomely inspirational game like that, and I want another to be able to play. I want to be able to pull my Hi-G turn, lock on and shoot 5 targets. And I want it on a console I can play it on. Sure its selfish, but thats what everyone is thinking about Persona 5 (please please please on a platform I can play it).

  • OOOOOOH The X-Wing games. I loved this game, I even bought a joystick for it. (Yes, another Star Wars Game) This game was awesome. Sure It was a lot of following the arrow for the offscreen target before you could shoot it, but the concept still remains as one of the most genius things ever. Now make a modern day sequel, Lucas Arts, if your reviving Monkey Island and what-have-you then you have an obligation to start making good star wars games, then the occasional good star wars game, then just whoring star wars games, then going back to re-releasing adventure games and MAKING THE WHOLE ENDLESS CYCLE ARGHHH. (Short message: Sequel pl0x)

  • Sure, I loved what BioWare did with Mass Effect, but after they are done with that, go back to Jade Empire please, if EA aren't too busy making you make SHITTY iPHONE GAMES. Anyway, Jade Empire had an awesome eastern setting, with enough unique little twists to make it worth making a franchise out of. Sure, there were faults, but Mass Effect has faults too, and even though I probably like ME more, I want BioWare to make another game in this setting at some point. PLEEEEEASE.

  • Yes Yes, I made this entire list to mention this game. But let me say: This game has the best soundtrack ever, This game has the best sense of style ever, and this game RULES. I still listen to the soundtrack on my iPod, a whole 8(?) or so years on! And imagine what a Jet Set game powered by the xbox 360 could look like? Isn't it just amazing. (This is another occurrence where I wish to have the game I want on the platform I own, I'm not a fanboy, just selfish). There were many faults with the gameplay of future which I saw through because the style and everything was so good, but if SEGA could make a comeback, make a sequel to this game, make it EVEN BETTER and give me "Concept of Love" as the opening, and allow me to sing along to Aisle 10, I could die happy.