My Backlog

Welcome to my personal reminder that I should really get to finishing Mass Effect. Catchy nickname, don't you think? Anyway, my list. These are games that I own that I have not finished, and do intend to. It doesn't include the games that I own and have barely played, such as my Sports games. I'm still debating as to whether to include Pure. Anyway, without further ado, the games I need to finish but haven't. What this means is these are the games my mind goes: DO THIS, so on some (one) of them, I've already completed it twice.

List items

  • Amazing game. I am loving every second of this awesome adventure. I received it on Christmas day, and have almost finished it already. Hopefully this won't be on the list for long, but I am attempting to savour Saint's Row 2, with the extra activites and Real Estate buying, but other games are calling, so I'll finish this up soon.

  • OK, this game is different. I finished it, then I did a renegade run, then I started a rushy Hardcore run, and now Mass Effect 2 is approaching on me and I haven't got to Level 60 (I'm 2 off) and don't have a file that has the decisions I originally made carried over. Yes, I'm trying to complete this twice before Mass Effect 2. Yes, I know its futile.

  • I *love* this game. So much. It is a testament to this love that I REFUSE to complete it until I have done more of the sidequests. I've got the DLC bonus dungeon, and yes it is like banging my head against a wall, but my head is enjoying every second being bashed against the wall of Lost Odyssey. I truly love this game, and aren't being quick about finishing, even though I HAVE TWO OTHER JRPGS. AHH.

  • Got this for my Birthday in November, I'm sure I'll play it eventually, its not bad. I've already done the first level, but this isn't a priority as of now.

  • Again, Birthday gift in November, and what a gift it is. I enjoyed the two days I played it on in November, then went back to Modern Warfare 2. I will come back to this eventually. This list will still be here until I do.

  • Again, birthday gift. I'll never complete this, I know it in my heart. Which is a shame, but inside, I know I don't have it in me to complete an RTS game. Ever. Sadface.

  • Birthday gift. FROM 2008. I played it once, REALLY enjoyed that, then left it til I had time. I still don't. This saddens me.

  • Now, this was a christmas gift, and a very enjoyable christmas gift. A *very* enjoyable christmas gift. Too bad it doesn't have an auto-save function. Three hours lost, and I am a very upset annoying little teenager. I'll get back to it, its not that long, but its very good, though losing three hours of Katamari making through my own stupidity, its just frustrating.

  • I got this game, I played it, and my original Xbox BROKE. I don't know how far I got, I cannot remember where I am in the game. I was really enjoying it, then everyone spoiled ALL of the twists. What Jackasses I know. I really hate spoilers. I currently am refusing to forgive my dad for spoiling Serenity, which I just watched, but thats by the by. I don't know if I have the motivation to finish this.

  • Oh boy. Oh lord. Two JRPGs. TWO! This will end up being the one I don't finish, because inside of me, I know that Star Ocean will be better, and less similar to Lost Odyssey in gameplay. But I like to think that I'll finish it, even if I won't.

  • Christmas gift, and I got it twice, from two people. I know have a spare copy of Star Ocean that I really don't need. This is rather annoying. Oh well.