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A True Interactive Story 1

There is a piece of paper on a cabinet. You read it, it reveals itself to be an exam from days gone by. The exam has one question, a simple biology task: re-arrange these sentences to form a coherent story about the reproductive cycle. The answer is nothing of the sort. It’s long, a full two page story with character, excitement and passion. It is the writing of a child, so you’d be hard pressed to call it good, but the cheek of it makes you smile. It makes you laugh.Underneath there is a teache...

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If you only play one fighting game in your life - Make this it. 1

My only prior experience with Street Fighter was 20 minutes with the Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Demo on Xbox live arcade 2 days before SFIV came out. For a laugh, me and my friends went to a SFIV tournament and got the game at midnight. We then proceeded to play it. A lot. And finally I feel justified to comment on what the game has to offer. You see, at the time of writing, Street Fighter IV has been out for just over a month. And it plays the long game. What I mean by this is its not ak...

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Despite its flaws, a Ticket to Albion is worth the asking price. 3

Fable II is an extremely ambitious game. Its scope is rather enormous, and with a quick glance, Fable II looks like a grand palace of a video game. However, when you get a little closer, as with any grand construction, the cracks begin to show. The Game begins with you choosing to be either a Male or Female orphan and you are thrown straight into a brief exposition/tutorial sequence. In this, as in the Childhood sequence from the original Fable, you need to do odd jobs to get some gold. The sta...

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A console FPS that has stood the test of time. 2

Still standing tall after all these years.Halo was Microsoft's "killer app." It propelled the Xbox beyond all expectations, and put Xbox on the map as a gaming machine. However, before its release, there were many people who did not belive halo could fulfill its promises, as the first major Hi Profile FPS for a console.Half Life, Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament - All of those established shooter franchises were on the PC, and it was unknown how a console FPS would be able to even compare. How wou...

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