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Dead Space [360]

After playing it first on the PS3 over a year ago, I saw the 360 version in a store for $15 and figured it give this wonderful game another 2 playthroughs!

Played this on Hard right away to get all of the achievements (except for one-gun and beat-on-impossible)... Hard actually gave me a few hardships towards the later chapters! At one point I ran out of all the ammo, health, stasis, and things to throw and there was still one more necro left crawling... I didn't know what to do so I just started stomping in panic and as the necro was raising its last claw for the killing blow, I broke the claw off!!!! PHEW!!! I couldn't even see the blinking red milimeter of health... completely black spine - crazy fun!  
Just finished the second playthrough last night. Impossible. One Gun. 5 hours and 40 minute speedrun. I did use the Tank Armour and Heavy Damage plasma cutter though for the second playthrough...
1000/1000 points.



Darksiders [360] - The End

At 24 hours game time (about 30 real life) the game is completed with 1 playthrough and 1000 points.

  1. The best and by far the fastest way to go back and collect everything that remains is to start at the Crossroads and just follow the normal progression of the game.
  2. Elastic band helped a LOT for the horse riding... while I was watching Futurama :) Make sure to tap some buttons every 10 minutes or so or the controller will fall asleep.
  3. Once you get the armour and max out your Stone Skin spell, you're basically an invincible tank. Armour leeches health YAY.
  4. The sword is SOO much fun to fight with... it is truly a pity that i had to use the Scythe and the Gauntlet throughout the ENTIRE game to avoid grinding at the end. And even with that my Scythe was short half a level... and I had to go back to the graveyard to hunt for witches.
  5. I liked the ending... nice open ended story. Got me excited for Darksiders II.
  6. Overall the game is pretty good. I just wish it were a few hours shorter and with more scripted scenes.



Darksiders [360] - Week 2

I hate this game! It's too long and the boss fights are getting too hard!!! Stupid Darksiders...

  1. I finally got the Abysmal Chain... about friggen time! now i can go back and collect a whole bunch of chests and hopefully get my armour. Of course that wll happen only AFTER I defeat Silitha - what a cheap ass boss...
  2. Riding Ruin while trying to slash enemies feels a little off mainly due to the broken up narrow terrain. A little bit of grinding coming up here - oh well, killing while atop the horse is fast. One thing I found about Ruin is that if you find a ledge that is to high to reach, ride Ruin to it and discard him - War will be able to do a double jump off of him :)
  3. Got Scythe to level 3 (out of 4)
  4. Got Gauntlet to level 3... i was stuck with it at 2.5 for the longest time. Even after embedding an experience boost into it. I kept killing and the XP was just forzen! i thought it bugged out on me, but once I moved on to the next big quest, the XP started pouring again... weird how they capped it out like this - I guess to keep the game challenging.

Darksiders [360] - Week 1

Zonto was nice enough to let me borrow this... and after keeping it for 3 months I finally decided to give this game a go. 

  1. The apocalyptic difficulty keeps you in check which I like. 
  2. Grinding for 150 environment kills and killing 160 enemies while riding the angelic beast were super annoying and almost ruined the game for me. But once this was over and my scythe was beefed up a bit my mind was set at ease and I was just enjoying the game.
  3. Some fights prove to be very frustrating and really require persistence and figuring out the right approach.
  4. I love how the game has hidden collectibles that reveal secrets on the map = less need for walkthroughs!
  5. I'm 7 hours into the game now... the hunt for 1000 continues!