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Started Gaming in 2004 - A top ten of games that took my breath away

I started gaming in 2004, when I was about 9. I had never experienced anything like it before because I lived in a country with technology that is about 10-20 years behind the UK. As a result I got into games at a later stage compared to my friends. Even when I started playing games I wasn't picking good ones. My first 2 years with gaming were exciting but I didn't realize how good games were because I had not point of reference so Sonic Adventure 2 Battle seemed like the best thing I'd ever seen. My first console was a Gamecube and I bought only sonic games for about 2 years because they seemed amazing. Around the time the Wii came out, I decided to diversify my tastes because there were no sonic games at launch.

The reason I feel the need to tell you all this is because my list of my favourite games are all this generation because I only really started looking at reviews and other things before my purchase this generation. My first 2 years of gaming involved buying games that had a cool box art which ended in me buying a ton of sonic games. I also never really went back to the old greats that people discuss because they feel dated to me. Therefore these may seem crazy for you guys but what do I care.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this. I've decided to do one game per franchise to be fair

List items

  • This is not the first Zelda game I played. My first was Wind Waker. I enjoyed that one a lot, don't get me wrong but this one seemed to stay with me.

    The music made me lose myself in the world and the visual style was something I really liked. I think it help capture the emotions of the characters better. The sound effects also added to the charm of the world. The little nonsense noises Midna made were adorable.

    I really enjoyed variety of visual styles for the dungeons and the way the puzzles worked. The third dungeon in particular annoyed me for a couple of days but nothing can compare to the satisfaction of figuring out something in these games.

    I know some people were mixed in their response to wolf link but I felt it added some variety to the game. Also riding through the world on my horse and working in the village were charming and added to the simple feel of the world

    The game kept pushing me to play it for long stretches by making the story interesting and the gameplay challenging and engaging. Link( or whatever you called him) was the kind of hero you wanted to be when you were younger. Before your innocence was taken away from you.

  • Mass effect 2 is here because of the characters mostly. The cast of mass effect 2 is an improvement to the first game and is better than most games. It's also got a ton of them. The games characters work outside the context of the sci-fi setting. Thane is a father struggling with a disease and the loss of his lover, Mordin is dealing with a past crime, Miranda doesn't feel that her accomplishments are earned and so on. It was interesting to watch the characters come to terms or tell you about their ordeals. All these characters are flawed in some way and finding out why is a large amount of the fun

    The gameplay itself is also fun. The combat is equal to that of a good third person shooter but what makes the game so great for me is the conversations in the game. The situations that the game puts you in and the characters you converse with during the missions makes the world feel real, even when you are talking to gecko looking things that only live for about 40 years.

    This game lets you decide what your character is beyond just giving them a name. It lets you control the fates of multiple characters

  • It was tough deciding between this and it's sequel. I went with the original because it had more of an impact on me.

    I had never really played an RPG of this scale before but I did't know that going in. The game was overwhelming at first. There was a huge world to explore and didn't give you much help with how everything works past a few tool tips.They didn't really explain how the combat worked. I preserved and it's rewards were great.

    The game also had amazing stories and characters. Coming off Mass Effect 2, this wasn't surprising but I was still blown away by how good they were.

    A game of immense depth that even after finishing twice wants me to play it. So much entertainment for your money

  • I enjoyed the first modern warfare. It was my entry into a genre that I didn't really care about. Modern warfare 2 is my favourite of the series though because it went above and beyond the first game.

    It had a crazy exciting story which I enjoyed more than the first. I felt the pacing of the game was a gentle slope upwards in terms of intensity until I was pulling a knife out of my stomach and nailing a dude in the eye. It was just fun. It was like an interactive movie.

    The multiplayer was the reason that it made my list. For the first 3 months it was out, I racked up a total playtime of about 16 days and continued to play it for a good amount afterwards but to a lesser degree.

    The changes made to the multiplayer from the original were probably what made it so fun. I could play however I wanted and I could still do well compared to others. The game felt faster and smoother and more balanced than the original. This combined with the constant need to keep my K/D up was a lot of fun.

    This is one my defining multiplayer moments. Playing this with a few friends late into the night talking about the dumbest things is something I will never forget

  • This was the first JRPG I enjoyed and is my favourite even after playing a ton more. I had played Final Fantasy 10 before this but that failed to capture my attention

    The game is just charming. From the art style to the characters, it was like variety chocolate box in visual form. The game was cheesy but I liked it for that. I know a lot of RPG's have cheesy dialogue but this one seemed to fit. The cheesiness just made the innocence of the characters show through.

    It also had a different combat system other JRPG's. It was more engaging that the turned based system of Final Fantasy X and I wanted to delve further into it.

    This is an epic tale. It took me a good 60 hours to get through it and I enjoyed every moment

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl was my first fighting game. After seeing it get a ton of good reviews, I decided to check it out.

    The game didn't have an amazing single player and was kinda dismissing it for a while. One day, a couple of my friends came over. We decided to try out this. We played a good 6 hours or so before they left. We continued to play it 3 or 4 times a week for about 3 hours every week for about a year. It was heated competition and it got to the point where I put salt instead of sugar into one of my friends coffee because I was so angry at him. I also denied him any food while he was over and continued to make sure he didn't have fun.

    The game is great with a bunch of friends and makes the competition fun for everyone by being crazy.

  • I wasn't ready for how good Red Dead Redemption was going to be. After playing GTA IV, a game which I enjoyed but had plenty of short comings, I was expecting more of the same with a different setting.

    What I got was far better. The shooting was my biggest problem with GTA IV, it was good enough for the job but I didn't really have fun doing it. It was too clunky, especially with that cover system. Red Dead Redemption improved on it by adding that auto aim feature which made the combat feel more cinematic and cow boy like.

    The setting was also beautiful. I never fast travelled anywhere, partly because I didn't know I could but I never regretted it when I found out. I enjoyed the way the world shifted from day to night and when the music changed from location to location. It was breathtaking.

    The characters of the game made it feel like a living breathing world. They all had interesting back stories and I wanted to find out more. By the end of the game I felt I understood Marston better and felt sorry for the way things turned out

    The game tells the tale of great characters and has a setting that are not explored in video games often. A game which upon completion leaves you with one feeling. Satisfaction

  • Metroid was another game that at the beginning, I found hard to get into. It started with an action sequence in a space ship and then I was dumped on a planet and told to go find something. Here I hit a wall because I couldn't find get any further. I left the game for about a month

    When I returned to it, I started again. I managed to get through the part I got stuck at and the same feeling of satisfaction that I got from playing Zelda came through. Suddenly I was flying through the game upgrading my beam things and rolling around completing all sorts of puzzles. The game didn't seem to have any fat. Everything I was doing felt important and It never got repetitive.

    The combat also didn't feel like anything I had ever played. It also kinda felt believable. The game made you feel like you were in a weird robot suit but also made it feel agile and it never got in the way. The games difficulty came with coming up with the right way to defeat an enemy or complete a puzzle and those activities were fun

    A feeling of isolation is felt in this game and perfectly complements the way the world looks. This is a game that if you can get past a few hurdles, continues to reward you.

  • Forza 2 was my second foray into Simulation racing. Previously I played Gran Turismo 4 which was underwhelming. I couldn't even get past the licenses

    Forza 2 put me straight into the game. It gave me a selection of a few cars, let me set my assists and just let me race. The game is generous with it's rewards by giving you cars as prizes all the time and giving you so much money to work around with. This means I can race tonnes of cars so the game felt very varied.

    The game also had a a lot of tuning and customization options which I messed around with. I did some things with the vinyl editor but I felt I only scratched the surface of what was possible.

    One of my favourite parts of the game were the endurance races. These races usually lasted about an hour and were pretty brutal. It was fun to put of a podcast for these and just enjoy the drive

    I ended up putting 50 hours into this game by the end. I don't think I've ever spent that much time on a racing game.

  • Arkham Asylum was something I stumbled upon by accident. I knew it was well received by critics but I wasn't prepared for such a polished experience.

    The games two systems. the close quarters combat and stealth combat were beautifully executed. You felt in control and like Batman. Every time I died in this game. I was never filled with rage, I was annoyed at myself for not being good enough.

    The games riddles also made me feel a little more like Batman. Uncovering the answers to the riddles was akin to the satisfying feeling you get from finishing Zelda puzzle.

    The games plot and characters also made me respect Batman as more than just another comic book hero. Since playing this game I have started reading the Batman comic and that is also fantastic.

    This is a well put together action adventure game and a good way to get into the Batman comics.