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Oh my god, Starbound is so good. IT WAS MADE FOR ME

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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

Honorable mention to a ton of rad Twine games that aren't in the database, most notably Austin Walker's Ascentury, which was part of the cyberpunk game jam. And Jazzpunk! And viewers like you!

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  • If you like mystery box/exploration games, BUY THIS GAME NOW. It has much more story than you'd expect at first, and it rewards you for exploring its enormous world. So solitary and meditative and wonderful.

  • I went from zero hype to absolutely adoring this. It's everything I hope for in the original Dragon Age and then some.

  • The perfect game to play on an airplane, and just darn charming in general. Gorgeous art and music, and stressful in a kind of enjoyable way.

  • I did NOT expect to enjoy this so much, and I definitely didn't expect to play it for hours on end every single time I picked it up.

  • The free DLC with Lithareal should be copied by every good open-worldy game that has an obligate male protagonist, imho


  • I've played a chunk of this and watched a ton more on Danielle Riendeau's Twitch channel. It's got a lot of what I want, and inspired me to finally watch Alien and immediately add it to my "favorite movies ever" list.

  • Basically an RPG without the combat, ergo: DREAM GAME. I need to play more.

  • This is more on principle than anything; I backed it on KS and have played less than I'd have liked, but it's a great game and Larian deserves a lot of credit for their writing and design and art and...

  • Life Is Depressing Simulator 2014, now with a wide array of characters to choose from!