My Top 30 of All Time

I'm 37 years old and have been gaming since I was 4 or 5 (My dad brought an Atari home. He got bored with it quickly, I didn't).

A list of games that have been influential to me, have captured my imagination in the way only games can, and have kept me genuinely entertained even long after I had completed the game itself. I'm a very creative person and games that offer me a chance to create or go about solving issues on my own tend to be my favorites.

List items

  • My favorite game. Absolutely. I have well over 200 hours clocked in this game and there are more to come. I grew up idolizing Conan the Barbarian and I always played a Barbarian on table top DnD. When I make up characters in other fantasy games it is always a brutal barbarian/melee warrior. This setting brought all of that alive. The dragons were incredible, the setting was savage and noble, and story was incredible. I wish Bethesda would release new content continuously like WoW patches and expansions. I'd never stop playing this game.

  • This game is so engrossing. I was immediately drawn into the world. Just riding my horse from one point on the map to another without fast travel was so beautiful, I found myself skipping the fast travel option frequently. I love this game and devoured it in a few weeks and then devoured the 1st expansion in less than a week and am eagerly anticipating the 2nd expansion.

  • I have replayed this game once a year since it was released in 2000. I love the music, the story, the characters, and the magic. Moments of npc banter can be truly hilarious (Minsc and Boo) and touching (Aerie or Jaheira) and it always draws you in. The combat is extraordinarily fun and can be balls-out brutal when fighting a Dragon or very powerful it SHOULD BE.

  • Before Baldur's Gate, before Dragon Age, there was Ultima. Released in 1992, Ultima VII has elements that still haven't been recaptured in any game since. The NPCs are extremely interesting and the quests are nothing short of epic...and very real. I spent years enjoying this game and discovering new things about this open world. If I had a computer that could still run it in all it's 386 glory, I'd start playing it again immediately.

  • The game is so good I'm not sure I have the words to properly convey just how enamored I am with it. Gameplay, the story, the stark and brutal setting that is deeply, deeply mature. The visuals are beyond anything else that will come out this year or years to come, I'm quite sure.

  • I have been a fanboy to Westerns for nearly all my life. RDR was able to suck me into the wild west and the story of John Marsten better than some movies I've watched. This is the first game I've felt compelled to get 100% complete my first playthrough.

  • Dragon Age: Origins is a wonderful adventure. The morality is vague and the characters are worthy of exploring their pasts. It builds on the base of Baldur's Gate.

  • Geralt is a hunter. This game really sucked me into the world of The Witcher. I was astonished to find seemingly trivial choices I made early in the game would have serious overreaching consequences much later in the game. I love how they handled adult themes like racism, sex, and violence in such a blunt and grown-up fashion. The game is among my "need to replay this at least once a year" games and I very much enjoy every playthrough.

  • I preferred the darker tone of ME2 and the combat. I liked the missions very much and loved...LOVED exploring other planets and finding a side mission. All the NPCs were very well done and I enjoyed playing through their individual missions. I loved how my decisions could impact the entire story and the survival or my character or the NPCs was never a sure thing.

  • The God of War series is so great and God of War III is the culmination of all of the series' greatness. The visuals, the gameplay, the epic action. It's all so great and it is a game I will come back to again and again.

  • The looting of this game has never been duplicated outside another blizzard game, though many have tried. I loved the options and "choose one path and the others are blocked" method of character progression in this game. I loved the randomness and the atmosphere. This game has me drooling for Diablo III.

  • I remember looking at the back of the box and seeing a mage lifting his staff over his head to make a wall of fire. I remember getting Valor's Armor and having to stop playing because I was so excited. This game made a near story-less game filled with so much atmosphere that the player figured out the story more than the game ever told. What an incredible experience.

  • I remember pausing this game and taking a step back from my PC because I was so blown away by the options I could explore by this game. I accidently caught lycanthropy in this game, and it made me unbelievably powerful. It also forced me to kill innocents. This game enabled me to play out a story for one of my favorite characters I've ever created in a game.

  • I lost almost 5 years of my life to this game. I was a guild leader, raid leader, main tank and thorough addict. WoW captured me with its vistas, its stories, its npcs and the combat. The art style made it fresh and timeless at the same time, and I ended my play time a level 80 Death Knight with one of the most powerful weapons in the game at the time. I won't go back to WoW, but I'll look back fondly on Dread (my DK) and Clegan (my Dwarf Warrior).

  • I was a Bungie fanboy long before Halo. It was because of this game. Myth created a world that was utterly bleak, yet totally engaging. Magic was perhaps best captured in this game as it could completely obliterate enemy armies with just one spell. It was powerful and something to be feared. The little touches are what made this game great, like the brief quote of a legend or saga on the description of a given character. I hope Bungie revisits this series sometime down the road.

  • Arthas, Thrall, Uther, Illidan, Malfurion, Medhev, Archimonde....characters explored in this game and characters that have never left my imagination. Arthas' terrible downfall is among one of my favorite stories in all of entertainment. The gameplay was fast and thoughtful and unique.

  • The puzzles, the conspiracy, the history, the freedom, the music...all of these components were mixed to bring renaissance Italy alive. This game easily belongs on my top 30 list.

  • Every mission is unique. There is so much attention to detail in this game that it is easy to miss a vast amount the first playthrough. I thought Jim Raynor was a sympathetic character and also a complete badass. While I preferred the setting of Warcraft 3 a little more, SC2 was some of the most fun I had playing games. I remember vividly just stopping the game to exclaim how much I loved this game.

  • I'm a big time fantasy buff (in case you couldn't already tell). So giving me a world set in a really great fantasy setting, and then giving me the freedom to go about that world in any way I wish even if that means completely ignoring the story-line? Yes yes 50.

  • This is still my favorite Mario game. The world is incredibly colorful, there are plenty of secrets to discover, the introduction of Yoshi, and just the whimsy of the makes me smile justing thinking about it all. So many good memories wrapped up in this game.

  • It is often called "The best written story in gaming". There is a reason for that. I recently re-purchased this game on and downloaded all the mods to get it running at 1920x1080...I'm really looking forward to my next playthrough.

  • I read tons of history books. I listen to the History of Rome podcast on a weekly basis, and I've taken Ancient Rome History classes at University for no other reason than to learn about it. This game allowed me to play out some historical battles and many what-if scenarios. It blew my mind when I learned that I could have a plague-ridden merchant from one of my cities go to an enemy city and decimate it with plague...hahaha, so good.

  • New addition, but worthy of the placement. The feel of the combat and the brutal visuals are amazing. The single player elements are very nicely fleshed out and it is just plain fun.

  • I really had fun with this game. I quit World of Warcraft shortly before getting this game, and Fable II was a great Methadone treatment for my Warcrack addiction. Marrying a girl, raising a family...and the dog. My dog, I got so attached to that dog. I love dogs in real life, so the in-game dog resonated with me big-time. I would let the world burn for that dog.

  • This game is so charming. My wife (who is not a gamer) watched me play this game and, although she would have to stop watching from time to time because of motion sickness, loved the game. She worded it best when she said it has all the charm of a pixar movie but aimed squarely at the gamer crowd.