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Games I've never played, but still think is the most awesome thing ever.

So.. sometimes you stumble upon a game that you never have played and/or heard of, that contains elements to make it the most awesome thing ever(even though it isn't). This list contains those games.

List items

  • So what is the most badass and awesome way to murder zombies? Shotgun? Chainsaw? Baseball bat? No, it's by typing the freggin' word that appears in front of them, with your magic keyboard from hell.. which is the most awesome thing ever...

  • Two Words... "Theme Song"




  • As Yahtzee once said.. This game has a gun that shoots Shurikens and Lightning.. It would only be more awesome if it had tits and was on fire..

  • So this game contains a squirrel like thing on a killing spree in fantasy land, and a singing poo monster you have to defeat with toliet paper... WHY HAVEN'T I PLAYED THIS GAME!?