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I Genuinely Just Wanted to See If I Could Easily List 20 SNES Games I Think Are "Great"

Was watching Jeff play and rank old NES games after realizing he wasn't sure he could come up with 10 he thought were "actually great," and wondered if I could come up with 20 SNES games that I think are "actually great." Turns out: I can! The list is unordered, and some are definitely more "favorites" than "great," but WOW! What a console to have growing up.

List items

  • It's better than the first game, but doesn't get talked about nearly as much. I'm weirdly bitter about that.

  • I like them better than the originals, I think the wall-clinging and bigger emphasis on exploration is something that makes a huge difference.

  • An early example of a comfort game. Not the most challenging, but Kirby games never are, and includes a TON of content for the time. And even some bizarre mini-games.

  • On-paper, one of the worst ideas I'd ever heard of as a kid. In-practice, an epic RPG that somehow STILL feels like a "Mario game." How Geno and Mallow haven't shown up since must be some kind of licensing thing, right?

  • Yeah, this is one of those games I'd go back to happily, but I understand it's not exactly foundational. I even used a controller and still had a lot of fun with this weird little arcadey shooter.

  • A game with VERY little dialog that still manages to have some incredibly compelling narrative moments. To say nothing of being a perfectly paced exploration game that doesn't overstay its welcome.

  • There's a reason everyone tried to make "their" version of Legend of Zelda, and there's more reasons why this game still comes up in the "best of" conversation despite being alongside some of the best games of their generations.

  • I still think the jump to 3D graphics was premature in videogames, but this really made it aesthetically work. Made up for a lack of precision by being a ton of fun and genuinely funny.

  • I liked Final Fight's more anime-ish visuals more than Streets of Rage's. Both great, but I know where my bread is buttered.

  • This list is a combination of games I think are ACTUALLY great, and games I just really, REALLY like and would absolutely go back and play again...and this one is definitely more the latter.

  • It's a perfect game and has aged like fine whiskey. My partner played it on the SNES Classic and absolutely adored it.

  • Didn't actually play it back in the day, but going back to it, it's REAL damn good. I have no idea why I bounced off it or didn't give it a chance as a kid, it's entirely up my alley.

  • Genuinely think this game gets a little too much credit (and my GOD, that box art couldn't be trying harder to rip off Conan) but it's mostly dragged down by difficulty walls requiring way too much grinding. The story and characters are top-notch.

  • Boy, I really DID play a lot of RPGs as a kid, didn't I? Almost like I didn't know a lot of people who played videogames until the N64. This one suffers from a bit of "being very generic" at the end of the day, but the character designs do a LOT of heavy lifting. Oh and the music is tremendous, I think that sells the epic story better than the actual writing.

  • What Mario World was to platformers, this was to home console fighting games. Didn't actually play it much back in the day, but absolutely loved it.

  • I always got stuck, but I just couldn't stop playing this. The fact that your dog changed with the time period did a lot to ingratiate this game to me.

  • My GOD, we played this game forever as kids.

  • Foundational to the genre and medium as a whole.

  • Honestly a bit over my head at the time, but I grew to really love and appreciate the complexity of it.

  • This game made me feel things before I knew videogames could do that. The part where it just murders the main character is still jaw-dropping.