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So I'm moving abroad

This is really a space where I like to express thoughts. I'm moving to Hong Kong on the 8th of August for 9 months. I've decided to take a teaching role. Having just graduated I feel in need of an adventure.

I've always been a firm believer that in order to grow as a person you need to do something that you are not completely ready for. I'm not 100% ready for this, and that for me is what is so exciting, Now, by now your probably thinking "dude, your insane!". However, I have been to Hong Kong before, three times actually, but I've never lived there. This will be different, this will be new, and this be certainly be a journey both in the metaphorical and the physical!

The only qualm I have with games is that they don't allow your imagination to go wild, playing them that is. Whilst I'm sure the development process requires incredible levels of imagination......(apart from maybe Call of Duty) playing them doesn't. I'm certainly not saying that playing games is 'bad' for you, as if they are....then I'm pretty buggered! No, what I'm saying is that don't expect to 'grow' from playing them. They are an escape, and whilst escapes certainly relax you, they don't......stress you.

Now.....I'm sure you thinking..."Dude have you played Super Meat Boy....that stresses me!". Okay, of course I've played Super Meat Boy, and yes I've had to search for the batteries around the room after I've thrown the controller down. However, it is not that 'stress' that I'm referring to. Instead I've referring to a different stress, a more natural stress a human stress. Whilst playing SMB can be stressful, you aren't gonna starve, get lost etc from failing. However, in a strange place, finding your way around, finding food etc is a stress that is intrinsic.....if you will a 'survival stress'

In todays world I think this 'survival stress' is more difficult to feel. We buy our food vacuum packed, waters comes out of the tap etc. However, in a strage, unknown place, all this little things (that we take for granted day to day) start t mount up.

I'm looking forward to it. I intend to use GiantBomb as my blog of this adventure...solely because its convenient, and if my friends/family want to read it they can.