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@uninvincible said:

Oh man just when I was thinking this year might not need an "Apology of the Year" award.

Also, @austin_walker, this sentence is a bit of a mess.

Those storefronts are both have their fair share of bad games, and its not everyday that a publisher decides to delist a title, yank it from

Agreed. Weird syntax and missing apostrophe.

Whilst this is a bad case, any "Apology of the Year" would still have to go to Batman AK.

Would I be wrong in saying that refunds for Afro Samurai 2 have been issued more quickly than Batman AK?

Did Rocksteady and Iron Galaxy just refuse to give up on Batman until the bitter end (hoping patches would solve the issues?!).

It will be a sad day when we start issuing the "fastest refund" award at GOTY.

I guess nothing could save Afro Samurai 2.