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Best of 2010

The list is a bit skewed as I've been unable to play some big releases (especially StarCraft 2), but I think it's a good representation of what entertained and engaged me in 2010!

List items

  • The best single player experience EVER, in my opinion. The sense of investment in your Shepard is captivating (especially if you import a save from the original Mass Effect), and the worlds you explore with the characters you meet is engaging and memorable in ways that other games can only dream of. A crowning achievement from the team at BioWare, it already deserves to enter the discussion of greatest game ever made.

  • A rich and compelling campaign that builds on the narrative from Assassin's Creed 2, with a vibrant world full of beautiful architecture and history to explore. I still haven't even cracked into the multiplayer yet...!

  • I only dug into this with the release of the iPhone version in 2010, so it makes my list. Truly the most addictive puzzle/casual game I've ever played, I own it on PC and 360 as well for a total of 100 hours of undead slaying madness.

  • The most significant changes made to a Halo title to date, with an incredibly deep multiplayer experience paired with a rewarding campaign. Beautiful visuals and soundtrack as always from Bungie, for my money the best first person shooter of 2010.

  • Tons of new characters and a significantly improved multiplayer matchmaking and lag reduction system, for an affordable price. Must own for fighting game fans!

  • Vastly improved career mode with seamless drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, a streamlined store and a ton of new music. I haven't even delved into the Pro mode yet...!

  • The best video basketball game ever made, period.

  • E-M-P! E-M-P! E-M-P!

  • Weirdly addicting, there were a couple of days where I put over 10 hours into this. I'm at year 36, and still trucking away at releasing fake games for my fake console.

  • Haven't progressed very far into the campaign and strayed away entirely from the multiplayer, but Red Dead Redemption has a sense of discovery and world weariness that stick with you long after you turn off the console.